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 <p><b>Chapter 8</b>  <p><b>Chapter 8</b>
 <ul>  <ul>
<li>(p 211) Root Interfaces<br/>
  Changed 2nd sentence QueryInterace to QueryInterface.<li>On page 211: In 2nd sentence of paragraph 'QueryInterace' has been changed to 'QueryInterface'<br><br>
<li>(p 222) Example 8-4<li>On page 222: In Example 8-4 'mName: "a default value"' has been changed to 'mName: "a default value",'<br><br>
  <code>mName: "a default value"</code> should be <code>mName: "a default value",</code>
</li><li>On page 222: In Example 8-4<br>
<li>(p 222) Example 8-4
             <xmp>                          <xmp>            
               this.myCID,                this.myCID,
               "My JS Component",                "My JS Component",
Line 99  id="printBtn" label="Print" oncommand="d Line 99  id="printBtn" label="Print" oncommand="d
               location, true, true,                location, true, true,
               type);                type);
             </xmp>                          </xmp>            
            Should be
 has been changed to<br>
             <xmp>                          <xmp>            
               compMgr.registerComponentWithType(                compMgr.registerComponentWithType(
               this.myCID,                this.myCID,
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               location, true, true,                location, true, true,
               type);                type);
             </xmp>                          </xmp>            
<li>(p 222, p 223) Example 8-4<li>On page 222: In Example 8-4 one of the duplicate 'dump(" ***** Registering: Simple JS component! ****\n");' lines have been 
            <xmp>            removed<br><br>
              Removed double lines
              dump(" ***** Registering: Simple JS component! ****\n");<li>On page 223: In Example 8-4 one of the duplicate 'if (outer != null)' lines have been removed<br><br>
              if (outer != null)<li>On page 239: Example 8-15 has been changed to <br/>
<li>(p 239) Example 8-15 has been changed to <br/> 
 <xmp>  <xmp>
 DEPTH         = ../../..  DEPTH         = ../../..
 install:: $(TARGETS)  install:: $(TARGETS)
 </xmp>  </xmp>
 </ul>  </ul>

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