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   .broken { color: red; }
   .fixed { color: green; }
 <p>This page contains a list of corrections to be made in the next printing of  <p>This page contains a list of corrections to be made in the next printing of
 the book.  If you have suggestions for changes or find errors in the text,  the book.  If you have suggestions for changes or find errors in the text,
Line 6  feel free open a <a href="bugs.html">bug Line 11  feel free open a <a href="bugs.html">bug
 section on the chapter pages, or send a message to the <a  section on the chapter pages, or send a message to the <a
 href="mailto:reviewers@mozdev.org">reviewers@mozdev.org</a> mailing list.  href="mailto:reviewers@mozdev.org">reviewers@mozdev.org</a> mailing list.
   <p><b>Note:</b> All errors in the text and examples are shown in <b class="broken">red</b> and all corrections are shown in <b
<a name="preface"><a name="preface"></a>
 <p><b>Preface</b>  <p><b>Preface</b>
 <ul>  <ul>
<li>In Preface (p xiv) 'http://www.oreilly.com/mozilla/' has been changed<li>On page xiv: '<b class="broken">http://www.oreilly.com/mozilla/</b>' has been changed
to 'http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/mozilla/'<br><br>to '<b class="fixed">http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/mozilla/</b>'<br><br>
 </ul>  </ul>
<a name="ch1"><a name="ch1"></a>
 <p><b>Chapter 1</b>  <p><b>Chapter 1</b>
 <ul>  <ul>
<li>In Chapter 1 (p 7) 'applications web built using XPFE' has been<li>On page 7: In sidebar '<b class="broken">Another project, call m/b (short for mozilla/browser), addresses shortcomings</b>' has
changed to 'applications built using XPFE'<br><br>been changed to '<b class="fixed">The Phoenix project (http://www.mozilla.org/projects/phoenix/) also addresses
 <li>On page 7: In sidebar the Chimera URL '<b class="broken">http://chimera.mozdev.org</b>' has been changed to '<b
 <li>On page 7: '<b class="broken">applications web built using XPFE</b>' has been
 changed to '<b class="fixed">applications built using XPFE</b>'<br><br>
 </ul>  </ul>
<a name="ch2"><a name="ch2"></a>
 <p><b>Chapter 2</b>  <p><b>Chapter 2</b>
 <ul>  <ul>
<li>In Chapter 2 (p 12) '&lt;window<li>On page 10: Added a new sentence to the end of the 2nd paragraph of the xFly examples sidebar: '<b class="fixed">An installable version
 of the complete xFly application can be found at http://xfly.mozdev.org.</b>'<br><br>
 <li>On page 12: '<b class="broken">&lt;window
 xmlns="http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul"    xmlns="http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul"  
/&gt;' has been changed to '&lt;window/&gt;</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">&lt;window
<li>In Chapter 2 (p 14) Removed an extra '>' from example code<br><br><li>On page 14: In first code sample from Windows features section, '<b
 class="broken">xmlns="http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul"&gt;</b>' has been changed to '<b
<li>In Chapter 2 (p 17) 'selecting File > Open File > from' has been<li>On page 17: '<b class="broken">selecting File > Open File > from</b>' has been
changed to 'selecting File > Open File from'<br><br>changed to '<b class="fixed">selecting File > Open File from</b>'<br><br>
<li>In Chapter 2 (p 20) 'CenterWindoOnScreen( ) function' has been changed<li>On page 20: '<b class="broken">CenterWindoOnScreen( ) function</b>' has been changed
to 'CenterWindowOnScreen( ) function'<br><br>to '<b class="fixed">CenterWindowOnScreen( ) function</b>'<br><br>
 </ul>  </ul>
<a name="ch3"><a name="ch3"></a>
 <p><b>Chapter 3</b>  <p><b>Chapter 3</b>
 <ul>  <ul>
<li>In Chapter 3 (p 40) '&lt;toolbarbutton id="printBtn" label="Open"<li>On page 34: '<b class="broken">We've packed a lot information in this chapter and it be a useful reference</b>' has been changed
oncommand="doPrint( );" /&gt' has been changed to '&lt;toolbarbuttonto '<b class="fixed">We've packed a lot of information in this chapter and it will be a useful reference</b>'<br><br>
id="printBtn" label="Print" oncommand="doPrint( );" &gt'<br><br>
 <li>On page 35: '<b class="broken">secondLevelNodes[I] = docEl.childNodes[i];</b>' has been changed to '<b 
 class="fixed">secondLevelNodes[I] = docEl.childNodes[I];</b>'<br><br>
 <li>On page 40: '<b class="broken">&lt;toolbarbutton id="printBtn" label="Open"
 oncommand="doPrint( );" /&gt</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">&lt;toolbarbutton
 id="printBtn" label="Print" oncommand="doPrint( );" &gt</b>'<br><br>
 <li>On page 51: '<b class="broken">&lt;decription&gt;The mozdev.org site [...] your own development project&lt;/decription&gt;</b>' has been 
 changed to '<b class="fixed">&lt;description&gt;The mozdev.org site [...] your own development project&lt;/description&gt;</b>'<br><br>
 <li>On pages 58 and 59: Example 3-15 has been changed to (note the addition of spaces to seperate values)
 <xmp class="fixed">
 <?xml version="1.0"?>
 <window id="hello-goodbye"
     title="Hello Goodbye"
   <broadcasterset id="broadcasterset">
     <broadcaster id="cmd_hello" oncommand="alert('Hello There!');"/>
   <keyset id="keyset">
     <key id="key_h" key="H" observes="cmd_hello" modifiers="accel,shift" />
     <key id="key_g" key="G" command="cmd_goodbye" modifiers="accel,shift" />
   <commandset id="commandset">
     <command id="cmd_goodbye" oncommand="alert('Goodbye!');" />
   <spacer flex="1"/>
   <label value="hello/goodbye"/>
   <textbox value="type ctl+shft+h"/>
   <textbox value="type ctl+shft+g"/>
   <spacer flex="1"/>
 </ul>  </ul>
<a name="ch5">
<p><b>Chapter 5</b><a name="ch4"></a>
 <p><b>Chapter 4</b>
 <ul>  <ul>
  <li>(p 113) 
    <xmp><li>On page 88: '<b class="broken">these are selectors are identical</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">these selectors are 
      Changed footnote link toidentical</b>'<br><br>
    </xmp><li>On page 109: '<b class="broken">The chome URL that the -moz-binding property points to</b>' has been changed to '<b
  </li>class="fixed">The chrome URL that the -moz-binding property points to</b>'<br><br>
  <li>(p 120) 
    has been changed to 
  <li>(p 137)  
      var connection = Components.classes ["@mozilla.org/network/ldap-connection;1"; // create an object from the nsILDAPConnection interface; 
    has been changed to 
      var connection = Components.classes ["@mozilla.org/network/ldap-connection;1"]; // create an object from the nsILDAPConnection interface; 
  <li>(p 140)  
       Changed load(`chrome/jslib/jslib.js'); 
       To load('chrome/jslib/jslib.js'); 
 </ul>  </ul>
<a name="ch08">
<p><b>Chapter 8</b><a name="ch5"></a>
 <p><b>Chapter 5</b>
 <ul>  <ul>
<li>(p 222) Example 8-4
  <code>mName: "a default value"</code> should be <code>mName: "a default value",</code><li>On page 113: Javascript 1.5 reference link in footnote has been changed from 
 '<b class="broken">http://developer.netscape.com/docs/manuals/js/core/jsref15/contents.html</b>' to
 '<b class="fixed">http://developer.netscape.com/docs/manuals/index.html?content=javascript.html</b>'<br><br>
 </li>  </li>
<li>(p 222) Example 8-4
            <xmp>            <li>On page 120: '<b class="broken">&lt;/script.</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">&lt;/script&gt;</b>'<br><br>
 <li>On page 120: '<b class="broken">dump(l+'\n');</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">dump(len+'\n');</b>'<br><br>
 <li>On page 135: Example 5-11 has been changed to
 <xmp class="fixed">
     <title>Sound Service Play Example</title>
       function play() { 
         var sample = Components.classes["@mozilla.org/sound;1"].createInstance(); 
         sample = sample.QueryInterface(Components.interfaces.nsISound); 
         const SND_NETWORK_STD_CID = "@mozilla.org/network/standard-url;1";
         const SND_I_URL           = "nsIURL";
         const SND_URL             = new  C.Constructor(SND_NETWORK_STD_CID, SND_I_URL);
         var url                   = new SND_URL();
         url.spec                  = 'http://jslib.mozdev.org/test.wav';
     <form name="form">  
       <input type="button" value="Play Sound" onclick="play();">  
 <li>On page 137: '<b class="broken">var connection = Components.classes ["@mozilla.org/network/ldap-connection;1";</b>' 
   has been changed to 
 '<b class="fixed">var connection = Components.classes ["@mozilla.org/network/ldap-connection;1"];</b>'<br><br>
 <li>On page 140: '<b class="broken">js> load(`chrome/jslib/jslib.js');</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">js>
 <a name="ch08"></a>
 <p><b>Chapter 8</b>
 <li>On page 211: In 2nd sentence of paragraph '<b class="broken">QueryInterace</b>' has been changed to '<b 
 <li>On page 222: In Example 8-4 '<b class="broken">mName: "a default value"</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">mName: "a default 
 <li>On page 222: In Example 8-4
             <xmp class="broken">
               this.myCID,                this.myCID,
               "My JS Component",                "My JS Component",
               this.myProgID, fileSpec,                this.myProgID, fileSpec,
               location, true, true,                location, true, true,
               type);                type);
             </xmp>                          </xmp>            
            Should be
            <xmp>            has been changed to
             <xmp class="fixed">            
               compMgr.registerComponentWithType(                compMgr.registerComponentWithType(
               this.myCID,                this.myCID,
               "My JS Component",                "My JS Component",
Line 117  id="printBtn" label="Print" oncommand="d Line 215  id="printBtn" label="Print" oncommand="d
               location, true, true,                location, true, true,
               type);                type);
             </xmp>                          </xmp>            
 <li>(p 222, p 223) Example 8-4  
               Removed double lines  
               dump(" ***** Registering: Simple JS component! ****\n");  
               if (outer != null)  
 <li>(p 239) Example 8-15 has been changed to <br/>  
<xmp><li>On page 222: In Example 8-4 one of the duplicate '<b class="broken">dump(" ***** Registering: Simple JS component!
 ****\n");</b>' lines has been removed<br><br>
 <li>On page 223: In Example 8-4 one of the duplicate '<b class="broken">if (outer != null)</b>' lines has been removed<br><br>
 <li>On page 239: Example 8-15 has been changed to <br/>
 <xmp class="fixed">
 DEPTH         = ../../..  DEPTH         = ../../..
 topsrcdir     = ../../..  topsrcdir     = ../../..
 srcdir        = .  srcdir        = .
 install:: $(TARGETS)  install:: $(TARGETS)
 </xmp>  </xmp>
 </ul>  </ul>
   <a name="ch9"></a>
   <p><b>Chapter 9</b>
<a name="ch10"><ul>
   <li>On page 257: In Example 9-7 <br>
     '<b><font color="#FF0000">&lt;triple subject=&quot;?listitem&quot;<br>
     predicate=&quot; http://xfly.mozdev.org/fly-rdf#location&quot;<br>
     object=&quot;?location&quot;/&gt;</font></b>' <br>
     has been changed to<br>
     '<b><font color="#009900">&lt;triple subject=&quot;?listitem&quot;<br>
 <a name="ch10"></a>
 <p><b>Chapter 10</b>  <p><b>Chapter 10</b>
 <ul>  <ul>
<li>In Chapter 10 (p 297) 'http://www.jslib.mozdev.org' has been changed
to 'http://jslib.mozdev.org'<br><br></li><li>On page 280: In Table 10-3 '<b class="broken">Mostly used for retrieving, datasources, resources, and literals.</b>' has been
 changed to '<b class="fixed">Mostly used for retrieving datasources, resources, and literals.</b>'<br><br>
 <li>On page 297: '<b class="broken">http://www.jslib.mozdev.org</b>' has been changed to '<b
 <a name="ch11"></a>
 <p><b>Chapter 11</b>
 <li>On page 314: In Example 11-5 and Example 11-6 '<b class="broken">var linetext =
 document.createTextNode(messageParagraphs[i]);</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">var linetext =
 </ul>  </ul>
<a name="ch12"><a name="ch12"></a>
 <p><b>Chapter 12</b>  <p><b>Chapter 12</b>
 <ul>  <ul>
<li>In Chapter 12 (p 339) A new 'Certificate Authorities and Digital<li>On page 336: In Example 12-6
 <xmp class="broken">
  print `  <checkbox label="%s" />' % form['op1'].value
  print `  <checkbox label="%s" />' % form['op2'].value
    print `  <checkbox label="%s" />' % form['op3'].value
 has been changed to (note the difference in indentation and in using a single quote versus a backtick)
 <xmp class="fixed">
    print '  <checkbox label="%s" />' % form['op1'].value
    print '  <checkbox label="%s" />' % form['op2'].value
    print '  <checkbox label="%s" />' % form['op3'].value
 <li>On page 339: A new 'Certificate Authorities and Digital
 Signatures' section is being written with drafts available on <a  Signatures' section is being written with drafts available on <a
 href="http://certs.mozdev.org">http://certs.mozdev.org</a><br><br>  href="http://certs.mozdev.org">http://certs.mozdev.org</a><br><br>
 </ul>  </ul>
<a name="appa"><a name="appa"></a>
 <p><b>Appendix A</b>  <p><b>Appendix A</b>
 <ul>  <ul>
<li>In Appendix A (p 365) 'http://www.mozilla.org/source.tml' has been<li>On page 365: '<b class="broken">http://www.mozilla.org/source.tml</b>' has been changed to '<b
changed to 'http://www.mozilla.org/source.html'<br><br>class="fixed">http://www.mozilla.org/source.html</b>'<br><br>
 </ul>  </ul>
Line 206  changed to 'http://www.mozilla.org/sourc Line 345  changed to 'http://www.mozilla.org/sourc
 <!-- ?php require(NOTES); ? -->  <!-- ?php require(NOTES); ? -->
 <?php $post_to_list=NO; $author='reviewers@mozdev.org'; $target_page='corrections'; require(NOTES); ?>  <?php $post_to_list=NO; $author='reviewers@mozdev.org'; $target_page='corrections'; require(NOTES); ?>

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