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     .broken { color: red; }
     .fixed { color: green; }
 <p><b>Corrections</b>  <p><b>Corrections</b>
 <p>This page contains a list of corrections to be made in the next printing of  <p>This page contains a list of corrections to be made in the next printing of
Line 6  feel free open a <a href="bugs.html">bug Line 11  feel free open a <a href="bugs.html">bug
 section on the chapter pages, or send a message to the <a  section on the chapter pages, or send a message to the <a
 href="mailto:reviewers@mozdev.org">reviewers@mozdev.org</a> mailing list.  href="mailto:reviewers@mozdev.org">reviewers@mozdev.org</a> mailing list.
   <p><b>Note:</b> All errors in the text and examples are shown in <b class="broken">red</b> and all corrections are shown in <b
 <a name="preface">  <a name="preface">
 <p><b>Preface</b>  <p><b>Preface</b>
 <ul>  <ul>
<li>In Preface (p xiv) 'http://www.oreilly.com/mozilla/' has been changed<li>On page xiv: '<b class="broken">http://www.oreilly.com/mozilla/</b>' has been changed
to 'http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/mozilla/'<br><br>to '<b class="fixed">http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/mozilla/</b>'<br><br>
 </ul>  </ul>
Line 23  to 'http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/mozil Line 30  to 'http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/mozil
 <ul>  <ul>
<li>In Chapter 1 (p 7) 'applications web built using XPFE' has been<li>On page 7: '<b class="broken">applications web built using XPFE</b>' has been
changed to 'applications built using XPFE'<br><br>changed to '<b class="fixed">applications built using XPFE</b>'<br><br>
 </ul>  </ul>
Line 34  changed to 'applications built using XPF Line 41  changed to 'applications built using XPF
 <ul>  <ul>
<li>In Chapter 2 (p 12) '&lt;window<li>On page 10: Added a new sentence to the end of the 2nd paragraph of the xFly examples sidebar: '<b class="fixed">An installable version
 of the complete xFly application can be found at http://xfly.mozdev.org.</b>'<br><br>
 <li>On page 12: '<b class="broken">&lt;window
 xmlns="http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul"    xmlns="http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul"  
/&gt;' has been changed to '&lt;window/&gt;</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">&lt;window
<li>In Chapter 2 (p 14) Removed an extra '>' from example code<br><br><li>On page 14: In first code sample from Windows features section, '<b
 class="broken">xmlns="http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul"&gt;</b>' has been changed to '<b
<li>In Chapter 2 (p 17) 'selecting File > Open File > from' has been<li>On page 17: '<b class="broken">selecting File > Open File > from</b>' has been
changed to 'selecting File > Open File from'<br><br>changed to '<b class="fixed">selecting File > Open File from</b>'<br><br>
<li>In Chapter 2 (p 20) 'CenterWindoOnScreen( ) function' has been changed<li>On page 20: '<b class="broken">CenterWindoOnScreen( ) function</b>' has been changed
to 'CenterWindowOnScreen( ) function'<br><br>to '<b class="fixed">CenterWindowOnScreen( ) function</b>'<br><br>
 </ul>  </ul>
Line 55  to 'CenterWindowOnScreen( ) function'<br Line 67  to 'CenterWindowOnScreen( ) function'<br
 <ul>  <ul>
<li>In Chapter 3 (p 40) '&lt;toolbarbutton id="printBtn" label="Open"<li>On page 34: '<b class="broken">We've packed a lot information in this chapter and it be a useful reference</b>' has been changed
oncommand="doPrint( );" /&gt' has been changed to '&lt;toolbarbuttonto '<b class="fixed">We've packed a lot of information in this chapter and it will be a useful reference</b>'<br><br>
id="printBtn" label="Print" oncommand="doPrint( );" &gt'<br><br>
 <li>On page 35: '<b class="broken">secondLevelNodes[I] = docEl.childNodes[i];</b>' has been changed to '<b 
 class="fixed">secondLevelNodes[I] = docEl.childNodes[I];</b>'<br><br>
 <li>On page 40: '<b class="broken">&lt;toolbarbutton id="printBtn" label="Open"
 oncommand="doPrint( );" /&gt</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">&lt;toolbarbutton
 id="printBtn" label="Print" oncommand="doPrint( );" &gt</b>'<br><br>
 <li>On page 51: '<b class="broken">&lt;decription&gt;The mozdev.org site [...] your own development project&lt;/decription&gt;</b>' has been 
 changed to '<b class="fixed">&lt;description&gt;The mozdev.org site [...] your own development project&lt;/description&gt;</b>'<br><br>
 <li>On pages 58 and 59: Example 3-15 has been changed to (note the addition of spaces to seperate values)
 <xmp class="fixed">
 <?xml version="1.0"?>
 <window id="hello-goodbye"
     title="Hello Goodbye"
   <broadcasterset id="broadcasterset">
     <broadcaster id="cmd_hello" oncommand="alert('Hello There!');"/>
   <keyset id="keyset">
     <key id="key_h" key="H" observes="cmd_hello" modifiers="accel,shift" />
     <key id="key_g" key="G" command="cmd_goodbye" modifiers="accel,shift" />
   <commandset id="commandset">
     <command id="cmd_goodbye" oncommand="alert('Goodbye!');" />
   <spacer flex="1"/>
   <label value="hello/goodbye"/>
   <textbox value="type ctl+shft+h"/>
   <textbox value="type ctl+shft+g"/>
   <spacer flex="1"/>
 </ul>  </ul>
Line 65  id="printBtn" label="Print" oncommand="d Line 113  id="printBtn" label="Print" oncommand="d
 <p><b>Chapter 5</b>  <p><b>Chapter 5</b>
 <ul>  <ul>
  <li>(p 113
    <xmp><li>On page 113: Javascript 1.5 reference link in footnote has been changed from 
      Changed footnote link to'<b class="broken">http://developer.netscape.com/docs/manuals/js/core/jsref15/contents.html</b>' to
        http://developer.netscape.com/docs/manuals/index.html?content=javascript.html'<b class="fixed">http://developer.netscape.com/docs/manuals/index.html?content=javascript.html</b>'<br><br>
  <li>(p 120<li>On page 120: '<b class="broken">&lt;/script.</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">&lt;/script&gt;</b>'<br><br>
    has been changed to<li>On page 120: '<b class="broken">dump(l+'\n');</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">dump(len+'\n');</b>'<br><br>
  </li><li>On page 135: Example 5-11 has been changed to
  <li>(p 137<xmp class="fixed">
      var connection = Components.classes ["@mozilla.org/network/ldap-connection;1"; // create an object from the nsILDAPConnection interface;  <head>
    has been changed to    <title>Sound Service Play Example</title>
      var connection = Components.classes ["@mozilla.org/network/ldap-connection;1"]; // create an object from the nsILDAPConnection interface;    <script>  
    </xmp>      function play() { 
  </li>        netscape.security.PrivilegeManager.enablePrivilege("UniversalXPConnect"); 
  <li>(p 140        var sample = Components.classes["@mozilla.org/sound;1"].createInstance(); 
    <xmp>        sample = sample.QueryInterface(Components.interfaces.nsISound); 
       Changed load(`chrome/jslib/jslib.js');        const SND_NETWORK_STD_CID = "@mozilla.org/network/standard-url;1";
       To load('chrome/jslib/jslib.js');        const SND_I_URL           = "nsIURL";
    </xmp>        const SND_URL             = new  C.Constructor(SND_NETWORK_STD_CID, SND_I_URL);
  </li>        var url                   = new SND_URL();
         url.spec                  = 'http://jslib.mozdev.org/test.wav';
     <form name="form">  
       <input type="button" value="Play Sound" onclick="play();">  
 <li>On page 137: '<b class="broken">var connection = Components.classes ["@mozilla.org/network/ldap-connection;1";</b>' has been changed to 
 '<b class="fixed">var connection = Components.classes ["@mozilla.org/network/ldap-connection;1"];</b>'<br><br>
 <li>On page 140: '<b class="broken">js> load(`chrome/jslib/jslib.js');</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">js>
 </ul>  </ul>
 <a name="ch08">  <a name="ch08">
 <p><b>Chapter 8</b>  <p><b>Chapter 8</b>
 <ul>  <ul>
<li>(p 222) Example 8-4
  <code>mName: "a default value"</code> should be <code>mName: "a default value",</code><li>On page 211: In 2nd sentence of paragraph '<b class="broken">QueryInterace</b>' has been changed to '<b 
<li>(p 222) Example 8-4
            <xmp>            <li>On page 222: In Example 8-4 '<b class="broken">mName: "a default value"</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">mName: "a default 
 <li>On page 222: In Example 8-4
             <xmp class="broken">
               this.myCID,                this.myCID,
               "My JS Component",                "My JS Component",
               this.myProgID, fileSpec,                this.myProgID, fileSpec,
               location, true, true,                location, true, true,
               type);                type);
             </xmp>                          </xmp>            
            Should be
            <xmp>            has been changed to
             <xmp class="fixed">            
               compMgr.registerComponentWithType(                compMgr.registerComponentWithType(
               this.myCID,                this.myCID,
               "My JS Component",                "My JS Component",
Line 117  id="printBtn" label="Print" oncommand="d Line 194  id="printBtn" label="Print" oncommand="d
               location, true, true,                location, true, true,
               type);                type);
             </xmp>                          </xmp>            
 <li>(p 222, p 223) Example 8-4  
               Removed double lines  
               dump(" ***** Registering: Simple JS component! ****\n");  
               if (outer != null)  
 <li>(p 239) Example 8-15 has been changed to <br/>  
<xmp><li>On page 222: In Example 8-4 one of the duplicate '<b class="broken">dump(" ***** Registering: Simple JS component!
 ****\n");</b>' lines has been removed<br><br>
 <li>On page 223: In Example 8-4 one of the duplicate '<b class="broken">if (outer != null)</b>' lines has been removed<br><br>
 <li>On page 239: Example 8-15 has been changed to <br/>
 <xmp class="fixed">
 DEPTH         = ../../..  DEPTH         = ../../..
 topsrcdir     = ../../..  topsrcdir     = ../../..
 srcdir        = .  srcdir        = .
 install:: $(TARGETS)  install:: $(TARGETS)
 </xmp>  </xmp>
 </ul>  </ul>
Line 175  install:: $(TARGETS) Line 248  install:: $(TARGETS)
 <p><b>Chapter 10</b>  <p><b>Chapter 10</b>
 <ul>  <ul>
<li>In Chapter 10 (p 297) 'http://www.jslib.mozdev.org' has been changed<li>On page 297: '<b class="broken">http://www.jslib.mozdev.org</b>' has been changed
to 'http://jslib.mozdev.org'<br><br></li>to '<b class="fixed">http://jslib.mozdev.org</b>'<br><br></li>
 <a name="ch11">
 <p><b>Chapter 11</b>
 <li>On page 314: In Example 11-5 and Example 11-6 '<b class="broken">var linetext =
 document.createTextNode(messageParagraphs[i]);</b>' has been changed to '<b class="fixed">var linetext =
 </ul>  </ul>
Line 185  to 'http://jslib.mozdev.org'<br><br></li Line 268  to 'http://jslib.mozdev.org'<br><br></li
 <ul>  <ul>
<li>In Chapter 12 (p 339) A new 'Certificate Authorities and Digital<li>On page 336: In Example 12-6
 <xmp class="broken">
  print `  <checkbox label="%s" />' % form['op1'].value
  print `  <checkbox label="%s" />' % form['op2'].value
    print `  <checkbox label="%s" />' % form['op3'].value
 has been changed to (note the difference in indentation and in using a single quote versus a backtick)
 <xmp class="fixed">
    print '  <checkbox label="%s" />' % form['op1'].value
    print '  <checkbox label="%s" />' % form['op2'].value
    print '  <checkbox label="%s" />' % form['op3'].value
 <li>On page 339: A new 'Certificate Authorities and Digital
 Signatures' section is being written with drafts available on <a  Signatures' section is being written with drafts available on <a
 href="http://certs.mozdev.org">http://certs.mozdev.org</a><br><br>  href="http://certs.mozdev.org">http://certs.mozdev.org</a><br><br>
 </ul>  </ul>
Line 197  href="http://certs.mozdev.org">http://ce Line 297  href="http://certs.mozdev.org">http://ce
 <ul>  <ul>
<li>In Appendix A (p 365) 'http://www.mozilla.org/source.tml' has been<li>On page 365: '<b class="broken">http://www.mozilla.org/source.tml</b>' has been changed to '<b
changed to 'http://www.mozilla.org/source.html'<br><br>class="fixed">http://www.mozilla.org/source.html</b>'<br><br>
 </ul>  </ul>

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