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Line 5  in the text, feel free to post a note be Line 5  in the text, feel free to post a note be
 <ul>  <ul>
<li>In Chapter 10 'www.jslib.mozdev.org' has been changed to 'jslib.mozdev.org'<li>In Chapter 10 (p 297) 'www.jslib.mozdev.org' has been changed to 'jslib.mozdev.org'<br><br>
 <li>In Chapter 1 (p 7) 'applications web built using XPFE' has been changed to 'applications built using XPFE'<br><br>
 <li>In Chapter 2 (p 17) 'selecting File > Open File > from' has been changed to 'selecting File > Open File from'
 </ul>  </ul>
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 <?php $post_to_list=NO; require(ANNOTATE); ?>

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