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 <p><b>Corrections</b>  <p><b>Corrections</b>
<p>This page contains a list of corrections made to the original text of the book.  If you have suggestions for changes or find errors<p>This page contains a list of corrections to be made in the next printing of
in the text, feel free to post a note below or send a message to the <a href="mailto:reviewers@mozdev.org">reviewers@mozdev.org</a> mailing list.the book.  If you have suggestions for changes or find errors in the text,
 feel free open a <a href="bugs.html">bug</a> with a report of the problem, post a message in the User Notes 
 section on the chapter pages, or send a message to the <a
 href="mailto:reviewers@mozdev.org">reviewers@mozdev.org</a> mailing list.
 <a name="preface">
 <li>In Preface (p xiv) 'http://www.oreilly.com/mozilla/' has been changed
 to 'http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/mozilla/'<br><br>
 <a name="ch1">
 <p><b>Chapter 1</b>
 <ul>  <ul>
<li>In Chapter 10 'www.jslib.mozdev.org' has been changed to 'jslib.mozdev.org'<li>In Chapter 1 (p 7) 'applications web built using XPFE' has been
 changed to 'applications built using XPFE'<br><br>
 </ul>  </ul>
<?php require(ANNOTATE); ?>
 <a name="ch2">
 <p><b>Chapter 2</b>
 <li>In Chapter 2 (p 12) '&lt;window
 /&gt;' has been changed to '&lt;window
 <li>In Chapter 2 (p 14) Removed an extra '>' from example code<br><br>
 <li>In Chapter 2 (p 17) 'selecting File > Open File > from' has been
 changed to 'selecting File > Open File from'<br><br>
 <li>In Chapter 2 (p 20) 'CenterWindoOnScreen( ) function' has been changed
 to 'CenterWindowOnScreen( ) function'<br><br>
 <a name="ch3">
 <p><b>Chapter 3</b>
 <li>In Chapter 3 (p 40) '&lt;toolbarbutton id="printBtn" label="Open"
 oncommand="doPrint( );" /&gt' has been changed to '&lt;toolbarbutton
 id="printBtn" label="Print" oncommand="doPrint( );" &gt'<br><br>
 <a name="ch08">
 <p><b>Chapter 8</b>
 <li>In Chapter 8 (p 239) Example 8-15 has been changed to <br/>
 DEPTH         = ../../..
 topsrcdir     = ../../..
 srcdir        = .
 VPATH         = .
 include $(DEPTH)/config/autoconf.mk
 MODULE        = xpcom
 XPIDL_MODULE  = simple
 LIBRARY_NAME  = simple
 MODULE_NAME   = nsSimpleModule
 REQUIRES      = string \
                 xpcom \
 CPPSRCS   =              \
     nsSimple.cpp         \
     nsSimpleModule.cpp   \
 XPIDLSRCS = nsISimple.idl
 include $(topsrcdir)/config/config.mk
 LIBS    +=        \
     $(XPCOM_LIBS) \
     $(NSPR_LIBS)  \
 include $(topsrcdir)/config/rules.mk
 install:: $(TARGETS)
 <a name="ch10">
 <p><b>Chapter 10</b>
 <li>In Chapter 10 (p 297) 'http://www.jslib.mozdev.org' has been changed
 to 'http://jslib.mozdev.org'<br><br></li>
 <a name="ch12">
 <p><b>Chapter 12</b>
 <li>In Chapter 12 (p 339) A new 'Certificate Authorities and Digital
 Signatures' section is being written with drafts available on <a
 <a name="appa">
 <p><b>Appendix A</b>
 <li>In Appendix A (p 365) 'http://www.mozilla.org/source.tml' has been
 changed to 'http://www.mozilla.org/source.html'<br><br>
 <!-- ?php require(NOTES); ? -->
 <?php $post_to_list=NO; $author='reviewers@mozdev.org'; $target_page='corrections'; require(NOTES); ?>

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