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<h5 class="page-header">Bugs</h5><p><b>Bugs</b>
 <p>If you find any errors in the book, please feel free to enter a new bug to report the problem.  The bug report will be taken and the fix will
 be incorporated into the next printing of the book.  The basic process for making corrections follows these steps:
 <li>Anyone is welcome to enter a new bug.  People can also report problems on the <a href="mailto:reviewers@mozdev.org">reviewers@mozdev.org</a>
 mailing list or in the User Notes section for each chapter.  Community members will take reports posted there and file a bug with the
 <li>One of the authors will take the bug report and verify the problem.  If a correction is needed they will update the HTML version of the 
 chapter with the fix.
 <li>After the HTML has been fixed, the bug should be reassigned to david@mozdev.org.  He will update the <a
 href="http://books.mozdev.org/corrections.html">corrections</a> page with the fix and then close the bug.
 <li>When it is time to prepare for the next printing of the book, we will send the fixes listed on the corrections page to O'Reilly and they
 will update the book accordingly.
 <ul>  <ul>
 <li>Enter a   <li>Enter a 

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