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    1: <p><b>Authors</b>
    4: <ul>
    5: <font size="-1">
    6: <li><a href="#david">David Boswell</a>
    7: <li><a href="#brian">Brian King</a>
    8: <li><a href="#ian">Ian Oeschger</a>
    9: <li><a href="#pete">Pete Collins</a>
   10: <li><a href="#eric">Eric Murphy</a>
   11: </font>
   12: </ul>
   15: <a name="david"></a>
   16: <p><b>David Boswell</b>
   18: <p>David has been involved in the Mozilla community for over 3 years. He
   19: started the Mozilla development effort at Alphanumerica and set up the
   20: first two Mozilla Developer Meetings.
   22: <p>At Alphanumerica David worked with Pete Collins on a number of Mozilla
   23: applications including Aphrodite, Total Recall and Chameleon.  Pete and
   24: David also founded, a site offering free hosting for Mozilla
   25: applications.  There are currently over 70 development projects hosted on
   26: the site.
   28: <p>David has also written a number of articles about Mozilla including
   29: 'Getting Your Work Into Mozilla' and a series of articles discussing how
   30: to use Mozilla technologies to create a Pacman-like video game.  He is
   31: currently working for CollabNet on a number of other open source projects.
   34: <a name="brian"></a>
   35: <p><b>Brian King</b>
   37: <p>Brian has been hacking on Mozilla and related projects since early 1999. 
   38: It began with a European funded project called Fabula to create software 
   39: for children with the aim of learning minority languages like Basque, Catalan, 
   40: Frisian, Irish, Welsh. This was built using Mozilla. 
   41: Interest bloomed and he started contributing to the Mozilla Editor, 
   42: and exploring the rest of the vast body of code. He moved on to work at 
   43: ActiveState where he was heavily involved in the Komodo project, 
   44: a scripting language IDE that uses the Mozilla application framework.
   46: <p>Previously, Brian spent his time as a C++ applications developer, 
   47: interspersed with some Perl development and XML consultancy. 
   48: His technical interests include observing and participating in the 
   49: re-shaping of the web environment brought about by XML. 
   50: Other languages he dabbles in are PHP, Python, and JavaScript.
   53: <a name="ian"></a>
   54: <p><b>Ian Oeschger</b>
   56: <p>Ian Oeschger is Senior Principal Writer at Netscape Communications,
   57: where was started over three years ago. His abiding interest
   58: in language is the basis for some of his more recent infatuations with
   59: Python, XML, web application development, and linguistics.
   61: <p>He maintains a number of the XPFE documents on, including
   62: the XUL and DOM References, has published several articles about XML and
   63: mozilla application development for O'Reilly, and also wrote the themes
   64: documentation for Netscape, the XPInstall API Reference, and others.
   66: <p>Before getting involved with Mozilla and Netscape, he worked at
   67: Oceania, a startup doing XML-based electronic medical records and charting
   68: software, owned and ran a small bookstore with his wife, and had more time
   69: to write fiction, which he still does when he can.
   72: <a name="pete"></a>
   73: <p><b>Pete Collins</b>
   75: <p>Pete got involved with the Mozilla project in April 99 as a contributor
   76: to the editor module. He was also the first external developer to start
   77: documenting xul. His initial efforts were a remote, web enabled script
   78: editor and a community driven rewrite of the existing Mozilla UI. A
   79: project later named Aphrodite.
   81: <p>In January 2000, he joined with David Boswell and the Alphanumerica
   82: team.  Together they evangelized Mozilla as a viable application platform
   83: through the many projects they created and Mozilla developer meetings they
   84: organized.
   86: <p>Currently a software engineer employed by WorldGate, Pete is working on customizing
   87: Mozilla for their TV Internet Client Software. He is the co-founder of
   88: a site dedicated to Mozilla based projects. He is a regular Mozilla comitter and 
   89: owner of various Mozdev projects including jslib and Chameleon.
   92: <a name="eric"></a>
   93: <p><b>Eric Murphy</b>
   95: <p>Eric has been doing Mozilla development since Spring 2000, starting off
   96: with an instant-messenger client called Jabberzilla. He enjoys exploring
   97: opportunities of Jabber and Mozilla working together with new
   98: implementations, such as a collaborative whiteboard and real-time web
   99: content demonstrations.
  101: <p>This year, Eric is looking forward to joining the workforce with a new
  102: Computer Science degree from the University of Northern Iowa. Working on
  103: Mozilla projects has been a great resume-builder for him, and will always
  104: be an important part of his life to reflect on.

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