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Sun Oct 10 12:48:12 2004 UTC (13 years, 9 months ago) by jpowell
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Updated to send styles to the mailning list.

 //Really simple mail script by Josh Powell :)
print "<p>Thank you $_POST[name], for submiting your stylesheet! I will review it, and add it to the Styles page soon.</p>";

//start building the mail string
$msg = "Name: $_POST[name]\n";
$msg .= "E-Mail: $_POST[email]\n";
$msg .= "Stylesheet:\n$_POST[message]\n";

//set up the mail
$recipient = "";
$subject = "New Bookmarks home style";
$mailheaders = "From:\n";
$mailheaders .= "Reply-To: $_POST[email]\n\n";

//send the mail
mail($recipient, $subject, $msg, $mailheaders);

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