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Updating screenshots

<h5 class="page-header">Screenshots</h5>
<h5>Album View</h5>
<a href="screenshots/flow.png"><image src="screenshots/flow.png"/></a>
<h5>Thumbnail View</h5>
<a href="screenshots/thumbnail.png">
  <image src="screenshots/thumbnail.png"/>
<h5>Sidebar Tooltip</h5>
<a href="screenshots/tooltip.png">
  <image src="screenshots/tooltip.png"/>
<h5>New Menuitems</h5>
<image src="screenshots/views-menu.png"/>
<p>The new menu items added to the View menu are Details, Albums, Thumnails, and Thumbail Size. Details will show you the regular list view, Albums shows the regular list view with the album view on top, and thumbnails will show you the thumbnail view. The option to change thumbnail size is only enabled when you are in the thumbnail view. If you want to change the thumbnail size when the album view is shown, drag the splitter between the album view and the bottom tree.</p>

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