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Mon Mar 26 08:02:09 2001 UTC (19 years, 3 months ago) by will
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More fixes.

    1: Setup instructions for Bookie:
    3: <p>
    4: If you're just browsing or don't need to edit files directly, you can look
    5: at Bookie through the <a
    6: href="">web interface</a>.
    8: <p>If you want to contribute to Bookie or compile it, then you should grab a
    9: CVS <a href="">client</a> and set up a workspace for bookie.
   11: <p>You download bookie by doing this (you only need to login once, the password
   12: is guest).
   14: <pre>
   15:  cvs -d login
   16:  cvs -d co bookie
   17: </pre>
   19: <p>You need to have a database set up with a database schema.  Look in
   20: ./sql/solid for an example schema.  
   22: <p>The database needs data in order to work.  I wrote /scripts/
   23: which takes in my bookmarks.html file from Netscape and pumps it into the
   24: database.  The script relies on <code>HTML::Filter</code> and
   25: <code>HTML::TokeParser</code>, which you may need to download from
   26: ActivePerl or CPAN.
   28: <p> You can start the server from the root directory with: 
   30: <blockquote>
   31: <code>java bookie.xmlrpc.BookieServer -Dbookie.logging=./scripts/
   32: -Dbookie.database=./scripts/</code><br>
   33: </blockquote>
   35: <p>There's an Ant script in ./scripts/ which handles compilation and testing.
   37: <p>Right now, the only way you get useful data is with the test class
   38: <code>ClientTest</code>, which reads in the RDF to a memory model and writes
   39: out the answer to some queries (like 'what children does the root node
   40: have?').  More is on the way.
   42: <p>
   43: Will.

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