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    1: I couldn't stand moving from computer to computer and having to look up
    2: different bookmarks.  I wanted to be able to search my bookmarks and have
    3: bookmarks I never used moved out of my way.  I wanted to share my bookmarks
    4: with someone.  And I wanted total integration with the browser, so I didn't
    5: have to go through a web interface or a specific bookmarking program.
    7: <p> Bookie is a project born of an itch to make collaborative bookmarking a
    8: reality.  It was partly conceived out of <a
    9: href="">good
   10: bookmarking</a> and <a
   11: href="">collaborative
   12: bookmark indexing</a>.
   14: <p>The server is written in Java which sends bookmark information over a
   15: protocol to the client.  The server is written and can get bookmarks and
   16: folders to the client in RDF format.
   18: <p> An integration to Mozilla is halfway done.  There is also a debugging
   19: client written in Swing.

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