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Sat Jan 20 23:33:37 2001 UTC (18 years, 2 months ago) by will
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You can read what Bookie is <a href="purpose.html">here</a>, and you can read how to set it up <a href="setup.html">here</a>.

	<li>The server is working, although it still is read-only.  
	<li>You can import bookmarks into the database via a perl script[<a href="#script">1</a>].
	<li>You can read bookmarks out of the server[<a	href="#server">2</a>], using the
	 included client[<a href="#client">3</a>].  

The mozilla client will connect to the server, but I've had some troubles
getting the RDF from the server synced up with the user interface.  

<p>Will Sargent &lt;<a href=""></a>&gt;


[1] <a name="script">/scripts/perl/
[2] <a name="server">/scripts/server.bat, assuming you have the database up and working...
[3] <a name="client">/scripts/client.bat

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