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You can read what Bookie is <a href="purpose.html">here</a>, but here's the
long and short of it:

Bookie is an application which keeps all your bookmarks on a
central server so that you can access bookmarks from anywhere on the web.

<p>I have a server which is currently using XML-RPC and implements three
commands: <code>getRoot</code>, <code>getNode</code> and
<code>getChildren</code>.  It returns <a
href="">RDF</a> data in the same format that
Mozilla itself internally for bookmarks.  This is all I need to iterate
through a tree.

<p>The Mozilla client is still very rudimentary, but it does pick up XML-RPC
queries and display the RDF in a little window..  If you enjoy pain or would
like to help, then you can pick up the code from <a
Thanks to Aaron Andersen for the cool <a

<p>You do have to have the XML-RPC extensions to use the client.  Go to your
mozilla/extensions/xml-rpc directory and <code>"nmake -f"</code> should take care of the problem.

<p>Using the server requires

<a href="">Jena</a>, <a
href="">XMLRPC-Java</a>, <a
href="">Log4j</a>, and <a
href="">Junit</a>.  At least.

<p>There is an <a href="">Ant</a> script
available <a href="/source/browse/bookie/scripts/build.xml">here</a>.

<p>Suggestions and comments are welcome.

Will Sargent &lt;<a href=""></a>&gt;
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