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You can read what Bookie is <a href="purpose.html">here</a>, and you can read how to set it up <a href="setup.html">here</a>.You can read what Bookie is <a href="purpose.html">here</a>, but here's the
 long and short of it:
        <li>The server is working, although it still is read-only.  Bookie is an application which keeps all your bookmarks on a
        <li>You can import bookmarks into the database via a perl script[<a href="#script">1</a>].central server so that you can access bookmarks from anywhere on the web.
        <li>You can read bookmarks out of the server[<a     href="#server">2</a>], using the</blockquote>
         included client[<a href="#client">3</a>].  
</ul><p>I have a server which is currently using a hacked up protocol based on FTP.
I have since learned why no-one uses a protocol from the 1970's if they can
The mozilla client will connect to the server, but I've had some troubleshelp it: the code is going to go away and be replaced with XML-RPC, which is
getting the RDF from the server synced up with the user interface.  both simpler and more intelligent.
 <p>Mozilla client is still very rudimentary, but it does do XML-RPC queries.
 If you enjoy pain or would like to help, then you can pick up the code from
 clients/mozilla/extensions/bookie/resources (I know it's a long URL, I'm
 trying to keep it synced with the mozilla codebase) and copy the directories
 into your dist/bin/chrome/bookie directory.  I will see if I can wrap it
 into an XPInstall script for easier access.  Thanks to Aaron Andersen for
 the cool <a href="http://www.xulplanet.com/tutorials/xulapp/">tutorial</a>.
 <p>You do have to have the XML-RPC extensions.  Go to your
 mozilla/extensions/xml-rpc directory and <code>"nmake -f
 makefile.win"</code> should take care of the problem.
 <p>Will Sargent &lt;<a href="mailto:will_sargent@yahoo.com">will_sargent@yahoo.com</a>&gt;  <p>Will Sargent &lt;<a href="mailto:will_sargent@yahoo.com">will_sargent@yahoo.com</a>&gt;
 [1] <a name="script">/scripts/perl/importdb.pl  
 [2] <a name="server">/scripts/server.bat, assuming you have the database up and working...  
 [3] <a name="client">/scripts/client.bat  

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