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Sun Jun 2 05:22:44 2002 UTC (16 years, 1 month ago) by will
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Removed helma files.
Added a bunch of files that should have been in conf.

# Configuration file for Cactus.

# Each project using Cactus need to have such a file put in the client side
# CLASSPATH (Meaning the directory containing this file should be in the client
# side CLASSPATH, not the file itself of course ... :) )

# Defines the URLs that will be used by Cactus to call it's redirectors.
# You need to specify in these URLs the webapp context that you use for your
# application. In the example below, the context is "test".

# Servlet Redirector. Used by ServletTestCase test cases.
cactus.servletRedirectorURL = http://localhost:@test.port@/test/ServletRedirector

# JSP Redirector. Used by JspTestCase test cases.
cactus.jspRedirectorURL = http://localhost:@test.port@/test/JspRedirector/

# Filter Redirector. Used by FilterTestCase test cases.

# NOTE: Some servlet 2.3 containers need to map the filter to a valid
# resource (Orion 1.5.2 for example). Others, like Tomcat, are happy
# with just any mapping.
# For example, the following would work with Tomcat :
# cactus.filterRedirectorURL = http://localhost:@test.port@/test/FilterRedirector

cactus.filterRedirectorURL = http://localhost:@test.port@/test/filterRedirector.jsp

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