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Sun Jul 7 00:01:54 2002 UTC (16 years ago) by will
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Make some more changes to the build, take out the bookie servlet.

# Properties related to the user's environment. This file should be provided
# for building the Cactus Sample or the properties need to be specified on
# the command line when starting Ant with the -D switch

# Servlet API 2.3 jar




# jtidy.  This is needed for the import so we can clean up netscape files.

# Marquee XML-RPC server classes.

# XML parser.  Needed by Marquee.

# Servlet engine locations for the tests

# Note: If you don't want to run the test on a given servlet engine, just
#       comment it's home property. For example, if you don't want to run the
#       tests on the Resin 1.3, comment the "resin.home.13" property.

#resin.home.20 = f:/applis/resin-2.0.0
#resin.home.13 = f:/applis/resin-1.3.s010125
tomcat.home.40 = d:/usr/jakarta-tomcat-4.0.3
#orion.home.14 = f:/applis/orion-1.4.5
#orion.home.15 = f:/applis/orion-1.5.2

# java.home=d:/usr/jdk1.4.0

# Use jikes as the default compiler.

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