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<h5 class="infoHeader">What's New</h5>
<li>New language negotiation engine is up: Feb. 27, 2005.</li>
<li>Project created: Feb. 20, 2005.</li>

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<h5 class="infoHeader">Our counter</h5>
<img src=""/> hits<br/>
provided by:<br/>
<a href=""><img src=""/></a>

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<h2 id='sect'>About</h2>
<p>The BOINCUserStats project is a sibling of <a href="">SAHUserStats</a> project. As the latter project was created to show only simple statistics from Seti@Home project in status bar, we decided to create a new one, which will be able to deliver you with a wider range of statistics, moreover, also some control over your client.<br/> Thre project was started by Chris Means and Marek Laska.</p>
<h2 id='sect'>Features</h2>
<p>The BOINCUserStats project is in a very early alpha phase, so actually there are no features offered yet. What we plan to do includes:<br/>
<ul>	<li>Status bar total credit/recent credit</li>
	<li>Controling with RPC the BOINC client</li>
	<li>Integration with to show your archived private stats</li>
	<li>Many more things you wish :-)</li>
I hope you will like your extension and after a couple of uses you won't be able to remember how the life without it looked like.</p>
<h2 id='sect'>New ideas</h2>
<p>The intention of this project is to help with everyday use of BOINC projects. We are trying to make this extension even more user-friendly. But we are only human, make many errors and sometimes just don't get some things. Moreover, without your feedback we are unable to add the new features. What would you like to change in boincuserstats? Please feel free to leave us a <a href="notes.html">note</a> about it. We will greatly appreciate that. All comments are very welcome too.</p>
<div id='foot'>Strona ta dostępna jest również w języku <a href="">polskim</a>.</div>

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