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1.2       cdn         1: <h3> Board Members</h3>
                      3: <dl>
1.29      cdn         4: <dt id="brian"><span><img alt="IRL" src=""><img alt="SVN" src=""></span>Brian King - Software Developer</dt>
1.36      cdn         5: <dd><img alt="brian" id="bwk" src="i/brian.jpg">
1.40      brian       6: <p>Brian King has been involved in the Mozilla community since 1999. In that time, he has worked building software on top of the Mozilla Application Platform. He has many hats in the community, including developer, localizer, and evangelist</p>
1.33      brian       7: 
                      8: <p>Brian has <a href="">written a number of articles</a> about Mozilla and co-authored the O&#8217;Reilly title
                      9: &#8216;<a href="">Creating Applications with Mozilla</a>&#8217;.</p>
1.40      brian      11: <p>He is currently running a Web consultancy called <a href="">Briks Software</a>,
1.33      brian      12: with their main focus currently on Mozilla development.</p></dd>
1.2       cdn        13: 
1.39      cdn        14: <dt id="dave"><span><img alt="USA" 
                     15: src=""></span>David Boswell - MozDev co-Founder</dt>
1.29      cdn        16: <dd><img alt="david" src="i/dave.jpg">
1.14      david      17: <p>David has been involved in the Mozilla community for more than six years. He started the Mozilla development effort
                     18: at Alphanumerica and coordinated the first two Mozilla Developer Meetings. He is one of the co-founders of,
                     19: a site that offers free project hosting for Mozilla application and extension developers.  David has been involved
1.30      cdn        20: with other open source communities hosted by Sun Microsystems, Nokia and Hewlett Packard.</p>
1.31      cdn        21: <p>He is currently completing a Masters in Public Administration from Columbia University&#8217;s School of International and Public Affairs.</p></dd>
1.2       cdn        22: 
1.35      brian      23: <dt id="eric"><span><img alt="USA" src=""></span>Eric H. Jung - MozDev Community</dt>
1.29      cdn        24: <dd><img alt="eric" id="ej" src="i/eric.jpg">
1.15      brian      25: <p>With over 15 years of industry experience, Eric is a published author and formally trained computer scientist.
                     26: He consults for Fortune 500 companies on software architecture, design, and implementation. Some clients include
1.38      grimholt   27: Citibank, Mellon Analytical Solutions, Eli Lilly and Company, Novartis, Qwest Communications, Electronic Data Systems,
1.18      brian      28: Westinghouse, and ADP.</p>
1.38      grimholt   29: <p>His involvement with Mozilla began in 2003 with extension development. Since then, he&#8217;s been an active community
1.18      brian      30: member having contributed to MDC, MozillaZine, Mozilla IRC, and both Mozilla and mozdev mailing lists and newsgroups.</p>
                     31: <p>Eric currently lives outside of Boston, USA.</p></dd>
1.29      cdn        33: <dt id="myk"><span><img alt="HUN" src=""/><img alt="USA" src=""/></span>Myk Melez -</dt>
1.18      brian      34: <dd><img alt="myk" src="i/myk.jpg"/>
1.15      brian      35: <p>Myk Melez has been working with Mozilla since 1999, when he started
                     36: using the browser as a DHTML application platform.  In 2000 he wrote <a
                     37: href="">ForumZilla</a>, a weblog reader,
                     38: and since 2001 he has been working as a webtools hacker for <a
                     39: href=""></a>.  He was responsible for
                     40: numerous improvements to <a href="">Bugzilla</a>
                     41: including its enhanced attachment handling and code-review request
                     42: features, and he wrote <a href="">Doctor</a>,
1.29      cdn        43: a web interface for updating;s CVS-based web site.</p>
1.13      cdn        44: 
1.29      cdn        45: <p>Lately he&#8217;s been experimenting with XUL interfaces to web applications,
1.15      brian      46: f.e. <a
                     47: href="jar:!/duplicates.xul">Bugzilla
                     48: duplicates report</a>, <a href="">Bugxula</a>,
                     49: and <a href="">tinderstatus</a>.  He is
                     50: also the author of two XUL tutorials, <a
                     51: href="">Creating a
                     52: Mozilla Extension</a> and <a
1.13      cdn        53: href="">Using Remote XUL</a>.</p></dd>
1.29      cdn        55: <dt id="pete"><span><img alt="USA" src=""></span>Pete Collins - MozDev co-Founder</dt>
                     56: <dd><img alt="petejc" src="i/pete.jpg">
1.10      cdn        57: <p>Pete got involved with the Mozilla project in April 1999 as a contributor to the
                     58:              Editor module. He was also the first external developer to start documenting XUL.
                     59:              His initial efforts were a remote, web enabled script editor and a community
                     60:              driven rewrite of the existing Mozilla UI -- a project later named Aphrodite.</p>
                     62:           <p>In January 2000, he joined with David Boswell and the Alphanumerica
1.29      cdn        63:              (later <a href="">Collabnet</a>) team.
1.10      cdn        64:              Together they evangelized Mozilla as a viable Application Platform through
                     65:              the many projects they created and Mozilla developer meetings they organized.</p>
                     67:           <p>He moved on to become a software engineer employed by <a href="">WorldGate</a>,
                     68:              working on customizing Mozilla for their TV Internet Client Software.
                     69:              He is the co-founder of <a href=""></a> a site
                     70:              dedicated to Mozilla based projects.
                     71:              He is a regular Mozilla committer and owner of various Mozdev projects including
1.29      cdn        72:              <a href="">jslib</a> and <a href="">xptk</a>, the
1.10      cdn        73:              cornerstones to the MozdevGroup product range.</p>
                     75:           <p>Pete is one of the co-authors of the O&#8217;Reilly title &#8216;<a href="">Creating Applications with Mozilla</a>&#8217;</p></dd>
1.2       cdn        76: 
1.41      david      77: <dt id="rob"><span><img alt="USA" src=""></span>Rob Lord - Director</dt>
                     78: <dd><img alt="rob" src="">
                     80: <p>Rob Lord is an Internet digital media geek, SET player and occasional gardener. Rob was previously founder and CEO of IUMA
                     81: (acquired by Universal Vivendi), VP of Web Technologies at N2K (acquired by BMG), General Manager of Nullsoft (acquired by
                     82: AOL) and co-founder/CEO of Mediacode (acquired by Yahoo!). Rob was most recently Director, Product Manager for the Y! Music
                     83: Engine at Yahoo!</p>
1.14      david      85: </dl>

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