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Updated mac install notes

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<h2 class="page-header">Installation of v0.1.0</h2>
Mozilla 1.3+ is required.</p>

<p>Note, For Mac OS X, Mozilla 1.3.1 is required due to XPInstall fixes. </p>
For more caveats, see the <a href="">release notes</a>.

<h3>Step 1 - Install JSLib</h3>
Install the support library <a href="#" onclick="triggerURL('');">JSLib (Feb 06 '03)</a>.
<h3>Step 2 - Install Blozom</h3>
<p>Blozom has been tested on Mozilla 1.3 windows xp and debian linux. It works, but Linux users in particular should view the release notes</p>

<p>Install the <a href="#" onclick="triggerURL('');">0.1.4 XPI</a></p>
<h3>Step 3 - Set up your prefs</h3>
<p>Save this start <a href="">prefs file</a> to [mozilla app directory]/chrome/blozom/content.  Edit the file paths for your data and publish folders.</p>
<h3>Step 4 - Create your templates</h3>
In your blozomDataPath folder you'll need a subfolder called templates with a header.txt, footer.txt, item_head.txt, and item_tail.txt.  Alternatively, you can download a popular movableType <a href="">template zip file</a> with and extract it to your dataPath.
<small>See <a href="">the milestone doc</a> for configuration wizard plans.</small>
<h3>Step 5 - Run it</h3>
Run mozilla with the command line argument -chrome chrome://blozom/content/blozom.xul. On windows, you can download this <a href="">bat file</a> to your Mozilla folder. In addition, you may visit bookmark the url chrome://blozom/content/run.html to launch blozom from a running mozilla instance.
Installation support is available from Andy at AIM:roadandyed and in #mozdev at
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