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<h5 class="page-header">Installation</h5>

<p>Mozilla Firebird Black Diamond Edition comes in a self extraction <a href="">7zip</a><br /><br />
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<a href="">Click Here to Download</a>
4.45MB (7-zip EXE Installer)
<br />
You need a clean profile if you ever installed Phoenix, Firebird, or Firefox if not you can skip this step:</p>
To create a new profile you first need to create a shortcut.<br />
1. Go to the directory that you installed Firefox BD Edition<br />
2. Right click on "firefox.exe" and click create shortcut<br />
3. Now right click on the "Shortcut to firefox.exe" and click properties<br />
4. Now in the target dialog box just add a -P after the apostrophe example:<br />
"C:\Program Files\FirefoxBD\firefox.exe" -P<br />
5. Click ok and double click your shortcut<br />
6. Then follow the simple profile creation wizard<br />

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