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 <!-- ***************** INFO/NEWS *************** -->  <!-- ***************** INFO/NEWS *************** -->
 <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->  <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
<p>Bitflux Editor is a browser based Wysiwyg XML Editor written completely in JS. Visit our own <a href="http://bitfluxeditor.org/">bitfluxeditor.org</a> site for details.</p><p>Bitflux Editor is a browser based wysiwyg XML Editor <br/>
 Some major features:
 <li>Released under an Apache style license</li>
 <li>Completely written in JavaScript</li>
 <li>Works like a word processor</li>
 <li>Works with any XHTML/XML document</li>
 <li>Works on almost any operating system</li>
 <li>Targeted at Mozilla based browsers</li>
 <li>Customizable to your needs</li>
 <li>Support for Relax NG Validation (coming soon)</li>
 <li> <a href="http://bitfluxeditor.org/home/features/">and more .. </a></li>
 <p>The next big major enhancement version is coming out soon and will be based on <a href="http://mozile.mozdev.org/">mozile</a></p>
 <p>Visit our own <a href="http://bitfluxeditor.org/">bitfluxeditor.org</a> site for more details.</p>

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