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<li>Version <a href="installation.html">1.6</a> released</li>

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<li><a href="">Biobar</a></li>

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<p><a href=""><strong> bioFOX</strong></a> aims at implementing various bioinformatics tools as an extension on the Mozilla based browsers.</p>


December 10 2010<br>
<li>bioFOX v1.6 released</li>

October 16 2006<br>
<li>bioFOX v1.1.4 released</li>
<li>Added support for Firefox 2.0</li>
<li>Added KEGG</li>
<li>One-click workspace button</li>

Aug 30 2005<br>
<li>bioFOX v1.1 released</li>
<li>Added Clustalw alignment</li>
<li>Added fasta format support for analyzing multiple sequences</li>
<li>Added select and search pubmed/scirus</li>

Apr 21 2005<br>
<li>bioFOX v1.0.1 released</li>

Apr 02 2005<br>
<li>bioFOX v 1.0 released</li>
<li>bioFOX as a sidebar. Added 3D-PSSM, Prosite, String, SMART, Hydropathy, Codon Usage, BLAT, tblastn, pSORT (Localization)</li>

Oct 23 2004<br>
<li>Added Search/Reverse/Complement/Reverse Complement functions</li>
Sep 14 2004
<li>Now compatible with 1.0PR</li>
<li>Added Structure Prediction using SWISS-MODEL</li>
<li>Added Extension Preferences to store User Information (Used for servers like SWISS-MODEL)</li> 

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