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 </head>  </head>
 <body>  <body>
 <h3>Databases currently included in biobar</h3>  <h3>Databases currently included in biobar</h3>
<p><a href="http://biobar.mozdev.org/installation.html">biobar<p><a href="http://biobar.mozdev.org/installation.html">biobar 1.5.3</a> provides browsing and searching access to the following
1.5</a> provides browsing and searching access to the following 
 biological databases and others.<br>  biological databases and others.<br>
 </p>  </p>
Line 38  Databases</span><br> Line 37  Databases</span><br>
         <li>KEGG</li>          <li>KEGG</li>
         <li>Gene Ontology (GO)</li>          <li>Gene Ontology (GO)</li>
         <li>IntAct</li>          <li>IntAct</li>
         <li>PhenomicDB</li>          <li>PhenomicDB</li>
         <li>Reactome Database</li>          <li>Reactome Database</li>
       </ol>        </ol>
Line 58  Databases</span><br> Line 58  Databases</span><br>
         <li>Expert Protein Analysis System (ExPASy)</li>          <li>Expert Protein Analysis System (ExPASy)</li>
         <li>Pfam</li>          <li>Pfam</li>
         <li>Alternative Splicing Database (ASD)</li>          <li>Alternative Splicing Database (ASD)</li>
         <li>Glovar Genome Browser<br>  
         </li>          </li>
       </ol>        </ol>
       </td>        </td>
Line 101  Databases</span><br> Line 100  Databases</span><br>
         </li>          </li>
         <li>Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI)</li>          <li>Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI)</li>
         <li>Zebrafish Information (ZFIN)</li>          <li>Zebrafish Information (ZFIN)</li>
       </ol>        </ol>
       </td>        </td>
       <td style="vertical-align: top;"><span style="font-weight: bold;">Plant        <td style="vertical-align: top;"><span style="font-weight: bold;">Plant

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