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<li>December 10, 2002: bestof project almost created again.</li>
<li>July 11, 2002: bestof project created.</li>

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<p>Welcome to the <strong>bestof</strong> project.</p>

<p>The goal of <strong>bestof</strong> is to highlight deserving
third-party Mozilla projects that aren't shipped with default Mozilla. We
haven't yet determined the best way to do this. It is likely there will be
a <strong>bestof</strong>-branded browser that includes the most useful
and innovative Mozilla based apps in a single distribution.</p>

<p>We're currently looking for help in the following areas:</p>


<li>Certification process for applications to be included
<li>Selection of best-of-breed Mozilla-based applications
<li>Mozilla customization work; removing Mozilla-specific references
<li>New start page; general documentation
<li>Graphic design of a new throbber


<p>Subscribe to the bestof mailing 
list <A HREF="">here</A>.</p>

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