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[TXT] bbszilla.interface.agreementpanel.xul[GRAPH] 1.1 14 years justinarthur Server agreement panel for new GUI. This will eventually become dynamically crea...
[TXT] bbszilla.interface.connectpanel.xul[GRAPH] 1.3 14 years justinarthur Added dynamic encryption menulist.
[TXT] bbszilla.interface.js[GRAPH] 1.7 14 years justinarthur Fixes for strict JS conformance.
[TXT] bbszilla.interface.mainpanel.xul[GRAPH] 1.5 14 years justinarthur Added dynamic encryption menulist.
[TXT] bbszilla.interface.xul[GRAPH] 1.3 14 years justinarthur Added flexibility.
[TXT] bbszilla.tasks.js[GRAPH] 1.2 13 years justinarthur Touchups. Started coding RDF assertions.
[TXT] bbszilla.widgets.xml[GRAPH] 1.2 13 years justinarthur Fixed fancybox, now using anonid method for element grabbage.
[TXT] connect.dialog.js[GRAPH] 1.1 15 years justinarthur *** empty log message ***
[TXT] connect.dialog.xul[GRAPH] 1.9 14 years justinarthur Opacity on the text boxes now fixed to support newer versions of gecko. The CSS ...
[TXT] contents.rdf[GRAPH] 1.3 14 years justinarthur Updated overlays for new GUI.
[TXT] graphics.config.dialog.js[GRAPH] 1.1 15 years justinarthur This will be the main function set for the Graphics Configuration Dialog or Pref...
[TXT] graphics.config.dialog.xul[GRAPH] 1.4 15 years justinarthur Working version being used for testing purposes. This is before I add the FilePi...
[TXT] preftree.overlay.xul[GRAPH] 1.1 14 years justinarthur This is the overlay that adds BBSzilla and corresponding prefpanels to Mozilla's...

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