Configure Dialog

the configuration dialog box consists of 3 frames:
detailed explanation of the frames follows:

editor:general options

Editor URL

location (usualy in the local filesystem) of the editor.
the '...' button opens a file dialog box to navigate to the editor file. 

Editor Name

The name of the editor.

editor type

a selection field to choose the type of editor.
it chooses refers to the type of the work area..currently,it can be:
  • html interface- the work area is an iframe
  • closed object- the work area is an object or an applet-for example,it can be written in java or in flash.

wysiwyg control id

The ID of the workarea.

editor:type specific properties

This panel holds properties specific to certain editor types.

html interface

text control id

in the future,this will be the ID of the control used for displaying the html source code of the document. currently,this field is not used.

closed object

get function

name of java function used to read the entire html code of the document. takes no arguments,& returns a string.

set function

name of java function used to set the entire html code of the document. takes a string,& returns nothing.

manage profiles

this frame deals with the profile list itself - adding/removing a profile, and saving the configuration to disk.

'remove profile' button

deletes the current profile from the list

'Set as default profile' button

sets the current profile as the default
(the one that is loaded when the extension starts)

'config file location' button

opens a file dialog box allows user to change the location of the file
that conains the configuration of the extension.

'Save Prefs' button

saves the current configuration to the config file on disk

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