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Thu Aug 14 16:54:33 2003 UTC (15 years, 8 months ago) by bazil
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Small site updates (Firebird dosn't display download.html right)

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  <h2>Older news</h2>
  I'm reorganizing the website to move builds (xpi/bz2) to the download mirrors. And preparing the download section for Firebird and Thunderbird builds.<br/>
  I have released a new version of Bazil with keyboard navigation and a statusbar, read the release notes<br/>
  Apart from the new version you can also find a bash sript I made to package my project under <i>Download/Stuff</i>,
  others might be able to use this also... take a look and feel welcome to give me some feedback.<br/>
  Last but not least I have made small changes and corrections to the homepage. Now the Bugzilla form/links should work.<br/>
  I have used some hours now figuring out how the CVS crap works, so site have been quite unpredictable... sorry.<br/>
  But now the new release is online.<br/>
  The site has been made online at mozdev, THANKS MOZDEV.<br/>
  Now I hope that others will find this project, see its potential and help it on its way.<br/>
  New version of filemanager available for download with some new features. Look in the download section.<br/>
  Also several updates have been made to the website.<br/>
  New version of filemanager available for download<br/>
  Updatet site contents<br/>
  Site is online :)<br/>

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