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Sat Jul 12 04:55:18 2003 UTC (16 years, 1 month ago) by straxus
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Prettified the Download page and fixed a minor bug in the Navbar.

<h4 class="project-name"><a id="content" name="content">Bayes Junk Tool</a> &nbsp;&nbsp; <img src="" alt=""></h4>

<table class="navbar">

	<tbody id="resources" class="project-navigations">
			<td class="navigation-button" onclick="'/index.html', '_self')">
				<a class="navbar" href="/index.html">Home</a>

			<td class="navigation-button" onclick="'/installation.html', '_self')">
				<a class="navbar" href="/installation.html">Download</a>

			<td class="navigation-button" onclick="'/screenshots.html', '_self')">
				<a class="navbar" href="/screenshots.html">Screenshots</a>

			<td class="navigation-button" onclick="'/bugs.html', '_self')">
				<a class="navbar" href="/bugs.html">Bugs</a>

			<td class="navigation-button" onclick="'/list.html', '_self')">
				<a class="navbar" href="/list.html">Mailing List</a>

			<td class="navigation-button" onclick="'/source.html', '_self')">
				<a class="navbar" href="/source.html">CVS</a>

			<td class="navigation-button" onclick="'/members.html', '_self')">
				<a class="navbar" href="/members.html">Members</a>


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