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Fri Jul 18 05:45:49 2003 UTC (16 years, 6 months ago) by straxus
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Prepared the README for the 0.2 release of the Bayes Junk Tool. For more
details, please see

README for Bayes Junk Tool ver. 0.2


This is the second release of this tool, and it is becoming a more
refined piece of artwork (if I do say so myself :) ). There are
many GUI and CLI refinements, and a few bugfixes as well. In
addition, the community has stepped forward to provide sample
token files for use with the tool. In particular, I would like to
thank the following (in alphabetical order):

* Christian Hamacher
* Dmitry Diskin
* Jan Gundtofte-Bruun
* Morten Hansen
* Rob Stow

At this point, I'll turn the doc over to the disclaimer found at
the top of all of my source files:

 * The terms for using this software are as follows:
 * USE AT YOUR OWN RISK - if this program goes insane and takes
 * out several bystanders, don't come knocking on my door with
 * lawyers.
 * If you want to extend or use this software for some sort of
 * commercial (read: money-making) software, tell me about it
 * first. I probably won't ask for a cut because the software
 * isn't that complicated, but I do want to know where my little
 * baby heads after it leaves my machine.
 * This project has become an official Mozdev project, and the
 * website for it is That is
 * the best place to look for updates and information about this
 * application. Updates are coming fast and furious right now,
 * so it's a good idea to check it frequently.
 * If you have any questions about this program, feel free to
 * email any questions to I'd love to
 * hear how this program worked for you, or any suggestions or
 * bugfixes that you believe this software should use. I believe
 * that software should evolve and become better, so there's an
 * extremely good chance your suggestion will make it into the
 * next version.
 * Oh, and for those of you curious about the author's (my) name,
 * just email and ask. :)


* Java 2 Standard Edition 1.4.1 (Due to the requirement for an
XML parser to import data from XML - if you remove the one method
that does XML importing in, it will then only need
Java 1.3.1)


* Viewing of data contained with Mozilla's training.dat

* Exporting of data as HTML, XML, plain text, or well-formed .dat
(you can take a .dat and drop it in the Mozilla folder, and it
should work perfectly)

* GUI which allows adding new tokens, removing tokens, and editing
the counts associated with each token

* Sorting of data on any column in the GUI. This allows you to see,
for example, the most frequently encountered good and bad tokens in

* Importing of data from an existing training.dat or XML file and
merging with an existing token file. I believe this feature is
important as it will allow a new user to get up and running very
quickly by importing a well-known XML file containing useful values
for spam tokens, thus greatly reducing the training period for
Mozilla's mail filters

* Collection of sample token files in XML and DAT format that are
ready to be merged into an existing Mozilla training.dat

* Removal of certain sets of tokens based on their good or bad count

* Equivalent application functionality from both the command-line
and the GUI

* Full JavaDoc of the Bayes Junk Tool API so that its functionality
can be more easily incorporated into other programs

Valid command-line arguments for this program are:

-q, --quiet == silent execution of program
-g, --gui == start up GUI version of program
-h, -?, --help == display program usage (this message)
-v, --version == display program version
-f, --format [ xml | html | text | data ] == program output format
-rg, --remove-good [number] == Remove all tokens with a good or bad count
-rb, --remove-bad [number]  == less than the given number. If both are
specified, those tokens which satisfy either one OR the other will be kept.
-o, --outputfile [filename] == path to program output file
-m, --merge [filename] == path to XML or .dat file to merge with inputfile
-i, --inputfile [filename] == path to Mozilla training.dat

Please note that the input file must include the training.dat
filename, e.g. [path-to-profile]/xxxxxxxx.slt/training.dat


* To build the program, type the following in the installation
directory of the program:

javac -d . mozilla_training_analyzer\*.java

Adjust the directory separator as required for your platform. If you
have downloaded the version of the Bayes Junk Tool which already
includes binaries, this step is not necessary.

* After compilation, to run the program, type:

java -cp . mozilla_training_analyzer.Analyzer [Analyzer options]

* To generate JavaDoc for the program's APIs, run the following
command in the installation directory of the program:

javadoc -sourcepath mozilla_training_analyzer\*.java -package -use -d doc

This will generate the documentation in a "doc" subdirectory.


July 23rd, 2003 - Release 0.2


* It is now possible to remove tokens based on their good and/or bad
count. For instance, you can choose to remove all tokens with a good
count which is less than 5.

* It is now possible to select a group of tokens in the GUI and
delete them. Before, only one token at a time could be selected and

* It is now possible to begin with an XML file as the input file.
Before, the input file could only be a well-formed DAT file.

* A status bar has been added to the bottom of the GUI which
displays the name of the file being viewed, the number of tokens in
total, and the number of tokens selected.

* The program now has a flag which displays its version information.

* The GUI now has a graphical About box.

* A combination of the -g and either -h or -v will cause the version
or help information to appear in GUI form. Before, it would be
displayed on the command-line.

* The Open, Import, and Save file dialogs have been greatly sped up.

* A set of "Getting Started" XML and DAT token files are now
included with the application.


* Fixed problem encountered on some systems which caused the JVM to
throw an OutOfMemoryError while generating output files for large
token files (bug 3943)

* It is now possible to merge a file on the command-line (bug 4094)

* The File Chooser will now remember the last directory it was in
rather than resetting to the home directory every time (bug 4108)

June 23rd, 2003 - Release 0.1

* First release, baybee.

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