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Firebird merge news

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<li>Autoscroll in Firebird</li>

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<div>Added a screenshot</div>
<div>Thanks to some code contribution, a starting reference icon has been added</div>
<div>Autoscroll on mozdev</div>
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<p><strong>The Autoscroll project</strong></p>
<p><blockquote>AutoScroll is an addon for Mozilla and Phoenix and possibly other browsers which support XPI packages that emulates the autoscrolling functionality of Internet Explorer. For those unfamiliar with this, when you middle click on a page (typically by clicking a mouse wheel button) you can then move the mouse up and down to have the page scroll by you without further mouse movements.</blockquote></p>

<p><strong>Autoscroll merged into Firebird codebase</strong></p>
<p><blockquote>I just received word that <a href="">Autoscroll has been merged with Firebird</a>.
<blockquote><i>Mozilla Firebird now includes mousewheel autoscroll functionality. It makes use of code from the AutoScroll project on mozdev.</i></blockquote>
This also means that Autoscroll no longer works with the nightly builds.</blockquote></p>

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