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<div id="infoTabs">
<div class="infoTab" id="whats-new">
<h5 class="infoHeader">What's New</h5>

<li>Please download the last version <a href="">Here</a></li>
<li><a href="">autopager</a>: Version &nbsp;A lots of improvement</li>
<li><a href="">autopager</a>: Version &nbsp;Ready for Firefox 3.0.</li>
<li><a href="">autopager</a>: Version &nbsp;Finish the xpath pick up function.</li>
<li><a href="">autopager</a>: Version &nbsp;Allow public site setting to</li>
<li><a href="">autopager</a>: Version &nbsp;A new auto discovery site wizards is added. Access it at Tools->Auto Pager->AutoPager Site Setting Workshop.</li>
<li><a href="">autopager</a>: Version &nbsp;tunning the performance,Add a highlight content function in page optionm,Site Wizard allow also select content now</li>
<li><a href="">autopager</a>: Version &nbsp;change some names to resovle the conflict with other addons</li>
<li><a href="">autopager</a>: Version &nbsp;make the confirm div movable.</li>
<li><a href="">autopager</a>: Version &nbsp;Add highlight next links function to confirm div.</li>
    <li><a href="">autopager</a>: Version &nbsp;Add support to firefox 3.0a5.</li>



<div class="infoTab" id="other-stuff">
<h5 class="infoHeader">Links</h5>


  <a href="" target="_blank">Personal Site</a>

  <a href="" target="_blank">Blog</a>

  <a href="" target="_blank">This Addon at</a>

  <a href="" target="_blank">xpath tutorial 1</a>

  <a href="" target="_blank">xpath tutorial 2</a>



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<div class="infoItems">
<div>News item goes here</div>
<div>More news item goes here</div>
<div><a href=""></a></div>

<!-- ***************** INFO/NEWS *************** -->
<p><span>AutoPager is a firefox/mozilla extension to autoloading
next page. You can download it at <a href=""></a>&nbsp;.

<p><span>AutoPager</span><span>'s configuration is base on XPath.&nbsp;</span><span>You can find there is a built in function to create a XPath by
click some links on the pages. This extension will import online
configuration from these sources: <a href=""></a>,  <a href="">,</a> <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a>.
The last two ones are originally created for autopagerize and
pagerization. If you have new site config please export and post to <a href=""></a> Thanks.</span><br>
You can find XPath tutorials at <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a> </span></p>
<p><strong>If you don't know XPath and don't want to learn
it. please use the smart paging feature of this extension.</strong>For
some site with next links have text "next" or "&gt;" or other you
string you set, the extension will auto follow the link. It will try to
meet the links or buttons' text,id,name and class, and image source. To
avoid follow wrong links, here I use equal compare after convert ot
lower case. But for image, I use ends with. So you need only give the
image name,not need the full path, lower case too.</p>

<p><strong>You can also use this extension as an XPath
generator. I can't find a better one for this purpose, so I create one
for this extension. If you find any better </strong><strong>XPath
generator, let me know. Otherwise I will continue to improve
the&nbsp;</strong><strong>XPath generator bese on your
feed back.</strong></p>

<p><strong>If you have any suggestion or you find some bugs
in this extension, you are welcome to leave me a message. You can
comments on my blog at or add a note in this

<img src="images/autopager-mozillazine.png"></img>

<p><strong>And you are welcome to subscribe to the mail-list to send questions or recieve updates.</strong></p>


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