Firefox 1.0 - 1.5

AutoFormer is a Firefox extension. It loads saved data in forms. Loading is automatic, saving is manual (2 mouse click). All inputs data stores into the cookie.

Current version is 0.3

AutoFormer usage tips.

  1. Open page with web forms
  2. Type info and select needed options
  3. Save data:
      Open context menu in the inputs as on screenshot: or select AutoFormer popup menu in Edit menu of Firefox
    • To save one input value only - choose Save this field only menu item from AutoFormer context popup menu
    • To save all input values - choose Save all fields menu item
    • By default all data are storing for current page only. If you want to save data for domain - press Ctrl when selecting
  4. During next visit to this page all forms will be autofilled

Write me please for "Compatibility" info:
Did AutoFormer work under Linux?
Did AutoFormer work under MacOS X?