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        <title>Autoform - Automatic Form Control</title>
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                    <h1>Autoform -  Automatic Form Control</h1>
        <table class="content centered">
                <td class="tab"><a href="/index.html" class="menu">Home</a></td>
                <td class="tab"><a href="/screenshots.html" class="menu">Screenshots</a></td>
                <td class="tab"><a href="/installation.html" class="menu">Installation</a></td>
                <td class="tab-selected"><a href="/list.html" class="menu-selected">Mailinglist</a></td>
                <td class="tab"><a href="/development.html" class="menu">Development</a></td>
                <td class="dashed" colspan="9">
                    <p>Please use this mailing list to communicate with the developers and also the other autoform users. Please note, that
                    at the moment, the developers will not support anymore the old extension. Wait until the rewrite has been released.
                        <li>Post a message to <a href=""></a></li>
                        <li>Click to <a href="">subscribe, unsubscribe or change your account settings</a></li>
                        <li>Post a message to <a href="news://">public.mozdev.autoform</a></li>
                        <li>View <a href="">list archives</a></li>
                        <li>View <a href="">subscriber list</a></li>
                        <li>Go to list <a href="">admin page</a></li>
                    <br />
                <td colspan="9"><i class="footer">Maintained by the Autoform team - please contact us through the mailing list. | Infrastructure by <a href=""></a></i></td>

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