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updated roadmap items

<h>Below is the feature plan listed for autoform. If you have an idea to improve autoform, please let me now.</h>
<h3>Version 0.5.3</h3>
	<li>Export/Import preferences and form data as xml</li>
	<li>Offer tripledes encoding also for non password fields.</li>

<h3>Version 0.5.4</h3>
	<li>Load default settings (configuration button) Choose between different defaults (user,developer)</li>
	<li>Change master password (configuration button)</li>
	<li>Forget master password after x mins (configuration dropdown)</li>
	<li>Ask loading form data for every form if data is present (configuration checkbox)</li>
	<li>Ask saving form data for every form if data is entered (configuration checkbox)</li>
	<li>Add page to never autoload, never autosave, always autoload and always autosave list (dropdown toolbutton)</li>

<h3>Version 0.5.5</h3>
	<li>Hide/show toolbar (keybord shortcut)</li>
	<li>Load form data (keybord shortcut)</li>
	<li>Save form data (keybord shortcut)</li>
	<li>Call assigned event handlers if found on each form element (configurable)</li>

<h3>Version 0.5.6</h3>
	<li>Check if mozilla already handled form or password saving</li>
	<li>Element selector (dynamic dropdown button)</li>

<h3>Version 0.5.7</h3>
	<li>Remove/copy/search &amp; replace stored values</li>

<h3>Version 0.5.8</h3>
	<li>Drag and drop toolbar buttons</li>

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