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 <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->  <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
 <h3>User Feedback</h3>  <h3>User Feedback</h3>
Please feel free to write any reviews, complaints, recommendations or bugs.<br> Please feel free to write any reviews, complaints or recommendations.<br><br>
<b>Hey Spammer... save your time to post a spam note, they will be deleted anyway!</b><h4>Do not post questions and bugs here. I will not post an answer here!<h4><br>
<?php $author="michael.kessler@team.bluewin.com"; require(NOTES); ?>        <li>File bugs to the <a href="bugs.html">Autoform Bugzilla</a></li>
         <li>Post questions to the <a href="autoform@mozdev.org">Autoform Mailing list</a> after searching the <a href="http://www.mozdev.org/mailman/listinfo/autoform">list archive</a>.</li>
 <br> <br><br>
 <?php $author="michael.kessler@team.bluewin.com"; $local_conf_show_notes_form = ON; require(NOTES); ?>

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