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<li>7/20/04 - Autofill 0.1 Released</li>

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<h3>Welcome to the Autofill Extension Project page. </h3>
<p>When I switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox the one thing I missed was the Google Autofill function in the IE Google
Toolbar. None of the existing form related extensions did quite what I wanted so I decided to write my own. Autofill is a semi-
faithful recreation of what the Google Toolbar Autofill function did with some additional features not available in Google's version.

Features Include:
	<li>Creation of an unlimited number of user profiles</li>
	<li>Automatically highlight all the fields in the current form that can be filled in</li>
	<li>Manifests as an additional toolbar button on the nav-bar (to save screen real estate)</li>
	<li><b>TRUE</b> support of <a href=""RFC3106</a> (Google Autofill claims to support it, but actually doesn't)</li>
	<li>Users can extend (thru about:config) recognized form values mapping to autofill fields</li>

<p><strong>Note:</strong> If you want to add an area for user feedback to any of your pages, take a look at the <a href="notes.html">notes.html</a>

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