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<title>The problem inherit in annotating web pages</title>


<p>The problem inherit in annotating web pages:</p>
<p>1) Users need to be able to annotate a dynamic page.&nbsp; For instance, if I
wanted to advertise a competitive price for a book on a bookseller site, it
would pose a problem because the URL is complex( CGI variables ).</p>
<p>2) The server may try to fool the annotation engine- by changing the
underlying code without changing the layout.&nbsp; But there must be constants
in the page.</p>
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Every annotation has both a URL regex and a KEYWORD regex.&nbsp;
The URL must match the URL regex and the particular location of the annotation
is determined by the KEYWORD regex.&nbsp; This would allow for complex
annotations.&nbsp; It would however reduce the ease of use for someone who was
creating annotations( they would have to understand regex and the URL structure
).&nbsp; There will have to be an ongoing programming effort to make <b><i>adaptors</i></b>
to each URL combination to allow users to neatly and easily annotate a page. </p>



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