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<title>The core of the system will allow for embedded commentary</title>


<p>The core of the system will allow for<b><i> embedded commentary</i></b>.</p>
<p>All information in Atzeon has both a <b><i>mother</i></b> and a <b><i>father</i></b>.&nbsp;
Traditionally a URL points only in one direction in order to retrieve a
document.&nbsp; Atzeon introduces a new concept, that information and fact have
in actually two sources, the <b><i>mother</i></b> and <b><i>father</i></b>
<p>The father is the typical URL source document.&nbsp; The mother is the source
that considers the fathers information and adds, alters, or deletes it.&nbsp;
The result is the child document.&nbsp; This is a virtual document, it does not
necessarily exist on a file server somewhere.&nbsp; The child may only come into
being once when that particular combination of mother and father is
accessed.&nbsp; The format for a child document is&quot;</p>
<p>&quot;<a href=""></a>&quot; &gt;
&quot;atzeon://;&nbsp; So from the father, the base data is
retrieved and the mother provides functions on that data.&nbsp; This creates a
new child URL</p>
<p>( &quot;<a href=""></a>&quot; &gt;
&quot;atzeon://; ) which can itself be used as a father</p>
<p>( &quot;<a href=""></a>&quot; &gt;
&quot;atzeon://; ) &gt; atzeon:// to create a new
child.&nbsp; This form of embedded commentary can go on indefinately.</p>



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