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AttachmentCount v2.2

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<title>Updates to AttachmentCount</title>
<h3>Version 2.2 changes</h3>
  <li>New: improve descriptions for grouped by sort headers.</li>
<h3>Version 2.0 changes</h3>
  <li>Fix: do not inaccurately display an attachment icon when
    there are no attachments (Thunderbird default for multipart messages not yet
  <li>Fix: improve sorting accuracy and grouped by sort display.</li>
  <li>New: greatly improve attachment preview on icon hover; handle all text
  <li>NOTE: each folder's attachment counts should be refreshed if updating to
    v2.0 as count information metadata has slightly changed.</li>
<h3>Version 1.7 changes</h3>
  <li>Update: compatibility with Thunderbird 22.</li>
<h3>Version 1.6 changes</h3>
  <li>Fix: log scope error.</li>
<h3>Version 1.5 changes</h3>
  <li>Update: support correct counts when View->Message Body As->
    All Body Parts is selected.</li>
  <li>Fix: better count reset handling, on column shift-click.</li>
  <li>Fix: various code tweaks and tunings.</li>
<h3>Version 1.4 changes</h3>
  <li>Update: code rewritten to support the new improved Tb api only; older
      workarounds have been removed.</li>
  <li>New: a very basic proof-of-concept attachment preview for plain text
      type attachments.  See the AttachmentCount homepage Features section
      for more details.</li>
  <li>NOTE: not compatible with versions prior to Tb 8.0.</li>
<h3>Version 1.3 changes</h3>
  <li>Update: tweaks and updates for Tb6 through Tb8 attachments changes.</li>
<h3>Version 1.2 changes</h3>
  <li>Fix: loop condition in rare case of detached attachment without a name in
      the mime header.</li>
<h3>Version 1.1 changes</h3>
  <li>New: icon state updates automatically on attachment detach/delete.</li>
  <li>Fix: several minor tweaks and tunings.</li>
<h3>Version 1.0 changes</h3>
  <li>New: Initial release.</li>

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