The format of RGTP URLs

Archangel uses URLs whose scheme is rgtp. These are intended to conform to the guidelines laid down in RFC 1738. This document is an informal specification of the format.

In some cases, part of this specification is planned but not yet implemented. These are marked (NYI:).

(NYI:) The user name and password are supported; the password field is used to supply a shared secret. It must be a hex number with an even number of digits. If no shared secret, or an invalid one, is supplied, the program should either reuse a stored secret or prompt the user. If no username is supplied, the program should either reuse a stored name or prompt the user. If the name supplied matches the string "anonymous" exactly, any shared-secret is ignored and the program should attempt to log in without sending any sort of authentication.

The hostname must be given. It should be one of the following:

A port number may be specified. If it isn't given, it defaults to 1431, as allocated by IANA. The way port numbers work is independent of whether a well-known hostname is used.

The url-path is one of the following: