Annotation of archangel/www/roadmap.html, revision 1.4

1.1       marnanel    1: <h5 class="page-header"><a href="">Archangel</a>: the road to v2.0.0</h5>
                      3: <p>This page lists all the planned development and releases for archangel, chronologically sorted. Releases are shown in <b>bold</b>; features are shown in ordinary text. Bugfix releases are not shown.</p>
                      5: <p>Numbers in square brackets (e.g.
                      6: [<a href="">2386</a>]
                      7: ) are links to bugs raised about a feature. If the name of a feature itself is a link, it links to a bug request for the feature itself.</p>
                      9: <ul>
                     10: <li><strike>
                     11: TCP transport to server</strike>
                     12: (taken from <a href="">mudzilla</a>)</li>
                     13: <li><strike>
                     14: Guest login to server
                     15: </strike></li>
                     16: <li><strike>
                     17: Request <em>entire</em> index from server
                     18: </strike></li>
                     19: <li><strike>
                     20: Cache retrieved index
                     21: </strike></li>
                     22: <li><strike> 
                     23: Display index
                     24: </strike></li>
                     25: <li><strike>
                     26: Request item from server
                     27: </strike></li>
                     28: <li><strike>
                     29: Add Archangel entries to Mozilla's menus
                     30: </strike></li>
                     31: <li><strike>
                     32: Display item (as simple HTML)
                     33: </strike></li>
                     34: <li><strike>Then: <big><b>Release 0.1.0</b></big>
                     35: </strike></li>
                     37: <li><strike><i>(code refactoring)</i></strike></li>
                     38: <li><strike>
                     39: Request <em>partial</em> index from server (given cache)
                     40: </strike></li>
                     41: <li><strike>
1.3       marnanel   42: Store cache in RDF, rather than custom format.
                     43: </strike></li>
                     44: <li><strike>
1.1       marnanel   45: Hyperlink <code>http://</code>... URLs in item display
                     46: </strike></li>
1.2       marnanel   47: <li><strike>Support parent/child continuation links</strike></li>
                     48: <li><strike>Then: <big><b>Release 0.2.0</b></big></strike></li>
1.1       marnanel   49: 
                     50: <li>Show parent/child continuation links in the index</li>
                     51: <li>Display the message of the day<br>
                     52: <i>(was working in 0.1.0, but broken in 0.2.0)</i></li>
                     53: <li>Show when items have been updated since you last read them (and have a "catchup" command)</li>
                     54: <li>Add a working context menu in the index</li>
                     55: <li>Have a "please wait" dialogue during long operations (e.g. downloading the index initially).
                     56: <br><i>(Note problem here [bug?]: during long operations Mozilla does not update the screen.)</i></li>
1.4     ! marnanel   57: <li><a href="">Design and implement a sensible menu bar.</a></li>
        !            58: <li><a href="">Show progressively more information in dates within the index.</a></li>
1.1       marnanel   59: <li>Then: <big><b>Release 0.3.0</b></big></li>
                     61: <li>Add an Archangel section in Mozilla's preferences dialogue</li>
                     62: <li>Add support for multiple servers</li>
                     63: <li>Add support for user authentication</li>
                     64: <li>Hyperlink itemids in items
                     65: (e.g. clicking on <a href=""><tt>A1240111</tt></a> in any text takes you to that item)</li>
                     66: <li>Then: <big><b>Release 0.4.0</b></big></li>
                     68: <li>Support posting</li>
                     69: <li>Support continuation</li>
                     70: <li>Support creating new items</li>
                     71: <li>Then: <big><b>Release 0.5.0</b></big></li>
                     73: <li>Allow the user to request a new account on a server</li>
                     74: <li>Show ancestors of an item as subtrees in the index (at the user's option)</li>
                     75: <li>Add a toolbar</li>
                     76: <li>Then: <big><b>Release 1.0.0</b>, suitable for general use.</big></li>
                     78: <li>Allow a user with editing permissions
                     79: <ul>
                     80: <li>to edit items</li>
                     81: <li>to edit the index</li>
                     82: <li>to edit the message of the day</li>
                     83: <li>to edit the user database</li>
                     84: </ul>
                     85: </li>
                     86: <li>Then: <big><b>Release 1.1.0</b>, suitable for editors.</big></li>
                     88: <li>Add option to reformat the text of an item (the way <a href="">Yarrow</a> does)</li>
                     89: <li><strong>Either:</strong> itemid tooltip display (e.g. mouse-over <tt title="Mozilla and RGTP">R2990216</tt> in any text and get a tooltip with the subject line for that item)
                     90: <br><strong>or:</strong> itemid/subject replacement (e.g. <tt title="Mozilla and RGTP">R2990216</tt> in any text is replaced with the string "Mozilla and RGTP" (probably in a different text-style). This may imply reformatting.)</li>
                     91: <li>Add a calm-computing view of the index, comparable to <a href="">groggs-bubbles</a>.</li>
                     92: <li>Get Mozilla to support the <code>rgtp</code> protocol in URLs, passing such requests to Archangel.</li>
                     93: <li>Let people choose HTML templates to use in building item displays. Look at LiveJournal for some ideas.</li>
                     94: <li>Use XBL and templates where possible, instead of using the DOM.</li>
                     95: <li><i>Any more blue-sky ideas that people dream up. Please let us know your thoughts via <a href="bugs.html">the bugs page</a>.</i></li>
                     96: <li>Then: <big><b>Release 2.0.0</b>, perfection.</big> If we decide to introduce a bug bounty, it starts when 2.0.0 gets out of beta.</li>
                     97: </ul>
                     99: <li>Want to request a new feature, or report a bug? Go to <a href="bugs.html">the bugs page</a>.</li>

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