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<h5 class="page-header">Installation</h5>

<p>Archangel is still under development, so don't expect anything to work.</p>

<li>Start Mozilla. If you're running under Unix, <strong>you must start Mozilla as root</strong> the time you install Archangel. You're installing new software, after all. (The only exception is when Moz was installed under your own UID-- but if this applies to you, you probably already know about it.)</li>

<li><b>Then</b> return to this page, and install Archangel by clicking on this picture:

<div align="center"><a href="#" onclick="triggerURL('');"><img src="broken-wing.jpg" alt="[Install Archangel]" width="200" height="267"></a></div></li>

<li>Then</b> restart Mozilla as an ordinary user.</li>

<li><b>Then</b> choose "Read GROGGS..." from the Tools menu. You need to be connected to the Internet at this point.</li>

<li><b>The first time you run Archangel</b>, you'll see the message
<blockquote>Archangel must now download the RGTP index. The download may take a few minutes, since the index is typically half a megabyte long.</blockquote>
You must then wait until the whole index is downloaded. This takes a good while, and there's no percent-through update yet :/</li>

<li><b>Subsequent times</b> you'll just see the message <blockquote>Requesting partial index.</blockquote></li>

<li>Once the index is all downloaded, you'll see <blockquote>Index loaded OK.</blockquote>Then wait a few moments for Archangel to render the index.</li>

<li>Archangel is a very basic client at present-- for example, it's not yet capable of posting.
Until it's more advanced, you might also want to
use <a href="/other-clients.html">another client</a>, such as
<a href="">Yarrow</a>.</li>

<li>One important aspect of RGTP which Archangel doesn't yet capture is "continuations"-- some items listed are continuations of others.</li>


<p>Many thanks to <a href="">Firinel</a> for the photograph.</p>

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