Archangel is still under development, so don't expect anything to work.

  1. Start Mozilla. If you're running under Unix, you must start Mozilla as root the time you install Archangel. You're installing new software, after all. (The only exception is when Moz was installed under your own UID-- but if this applies to you, you probably already know about it.)
  2. Then return to this page, and install Archangel by clicking on this picture:
    [Install Archangel]
  3. Then restart Mozilla as an ordinary user.
  4. Then choose "Read GROGGS..." from the Tools menu. You need to be connected to the Internet at this point.
  5. The first time you run Archangel, you'll see the message
    Archangel must now download the RGTP index. The download may take a few minutes, since the index is typically half a megabyte long.
    You must then wait until the whole index is downloaded. This takes a good while, and there's no percent-through update yet :/
  6. Subsequent times you'll just see the message
    Requesting partial index.
  7. Once the index is all downloaded, you'll see
    Index loaded OK.
    Then wait a few moments for Archangel to render the index.
  8. Archangel is a very basic client at present-- for example, it's not yet capable of posting. Until it's more advanced, you might also want to use another client, such as Yarrow.
  9. One important aspect of RGTP which Archangel doesn't yet capture is "continuations"-- some items listed are continuations of others.

Many thanks to Firinel for the photograph.