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1.2       david       1: <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
                      2: <p><b>Total Recall</b>
                      4: <p>Have you ever lost work because of a Web browser crash?
                      6: <p>There is no browser (that we know of) that restores the state of all
                      7: your browser windows before the crash. However, the open source <A
                      8: HREF="">Mozilla</A> Web browser makes it easy for
                      9: third-party developers such as Alphanumerica to create new functionality, so
                     10: we decided to add it. 
                     12: <p>Total Recall works by tracking your browsing session in
                     13: a file saved on your local hard drive. When you restart Mozilla after a
                     14: browser crash (or even an operating system crash), the windows that were
                     15: open before the crash will be displayed to you in a pulldown menu that will
                     16: allow you to return to one or all of the pages you were viewing. 
1.4       david      18: <p><i>Note: Total Recall uses
1.2       david      19: the same interface to save information to a user's computer as the History and
1.4       david      20: Bookmarks features.  The Total Recall function can be turned off if you do not
1.5     ! david      21: want Aphrodite writing files to your local drive.</i>

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