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<!-- MAIN CONTENT --><script language="javascript">
<I>(If there are any problems installing this skin, please <afunction triggerURL(url) {
href="mailto:mozilla@alphanumerica.com">contact us</a>.)</I> 
<UL>        if (!InstallTrigger.updateEnabled()) {
         return false; }
         else {
<i><b>Note:</b> Because of a bug with XPMenus in Mozilla M16, Aphrodite 0.04 won't work properly on the Mac.  This bug may be resolved soon in nightly builds.  When the bug is resolved, install the skin and follow the instructions below.</i><BR><BR>        InstallTrigger.startSoftwareUpdate(url); }
<i><b>Note:</b> If you experience problems running Aphrodite after it is}
installed, there are two things to try.  Make sure you have permissions on 
all of the Mozilla directories (Unix and Windows NT specific problem). 
Also try renaming the .mozilla directory to .mozilla_old if you are using 
Unix, or renaming the /windows/mozreg.dat file to mozreg.old if you are 
using Windows.</i><br><br> 
<!--<i><b>Note:</b> Sullivan and Total Recall are now part of the Aphrodite package.  Install Aphrodite and get to the Grape and Lime versions of Sullivan through the Skins pulldown menu and access Total Recall functionality through the Recall pulldown menu.</i><BR><BR> -->//-->
 <LI><A HREF="http://www.mozilla.org/projects/seamonkey/release-notes/index.html">Download</A>  
 the M16 Milestone build of Mozilla from mozilla.org.<BR><BR>  
<li>Launch M16, return to this page and click on this link to <a href="#" onclick = "triggerURL('http://www.alphanumerica.com/download/mozilla/skins/aphrodite_0.04.xpi');">install Aphrodite 0.04</a>.  A dialog box will appear and click OK to install Aphrodite.<BR><BR><!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
 <font size=-1>
 *Note* 10/02/00 Aphrodite Nightly is still working.
 After you install aphrodite do this:
 Do this:
 ./mozilla -chrome chrome://theme_builder/content/install.xul
 mozilla.exe -chrome chrome://theme_builder/content/install.xul
 I'm not sure yet . . 
 <I>(If there are any problems installing this package, please <a href="mailto:feedback@mozdev.org">contact us</a>.)</I>
 <i><b>Note:</b> Aphrodite will not run on M17.  To find out more about why, read the <a href="faq.html">FAQ page</a>.</i><BR><BR>
 <li>To install the latest <b>stable version</b> of Aphrodite: launch <b>M16</b>, return to this page and click on this link
 to <a href="#" onclick = "triggerURL('http://aphrodite.mozdev.org/aphrodite_0.04.xpi');">install Aphrodite 0.04</a>.  A
 dialog box will appear and click OK to install.<BR><BR>
 <li>To install the latest <b>development version</b> of Aphrodite: launch <b>M18</b>, return to this page and click on this
 link to <a href="#" onclick = "triggerURL('http://aphrodite.mozdev.org/aphrodite_current.xpi');">install Aphrodite
 nightly build</a>.<BR><BR>
 <LI>On <B>Windows</B>, launch Mozilla <!-- or Netscape 6--> at the DOS  <LI>On <B>Windows</B>, launch Mozilla <!-- or Netscape 6--> at the DOS
 prompt with:<BR>  prompt with:<BR>
Line 44  Haughey</A> for sending this.)</SMALL><B Line 80  Haughey</A> for sending this.)</SMALL><B
 <TT><!-- (Mozilla)-->% ./mozilla -chrome chrome://aphrodite/content/</TT><BR>  <TT><!-- (Mozilla)-->% ./mozilla -chrome chrome://aphrodite/content/</TT><BR>
 <!-- <TT>(Netscape 6) % ./netscape -chrome chrome://aphrodite/content/</TT>--> <BR>  <!-- <TT>(Netscape 6) % ./netscape -chrome chrome://aphrodite/content/</TT>--> <BR>
<LI>On the <B>Mac</B>, launch the skin by downloading and unpacking the <a href="aphrodite.sit.hqx">Mozilla icon</a> <!-- or <a href="aphrodite_nn6.sit.hqx">Netscape</ul>
icon</a>) --> and use it as an icon from your desktop.<br> 

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