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1.2       david       1: <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
1.4     ! john        2: <h5 class="page-header">Inferno Skin</h5>
1.2       david       3: 
                      4: <p>The Inferno skin is was the first skin for Aphrodite that was created by an <a href="">outside developer</a> and submitted to the Aphrodite development team. Inferno is a skin designed as an add-on to the Aphrodite package. It is smooth, sleek,
1.3       john        5: and has a nice red-to-black gradient. Ooooooo....</p>
                      7: <p>The Inferno skin was recently removed from Aphrodite's development builds and won't be in the next release.
                      8:  When installable skins are implemented it will be avaible as a seperate download.</p>

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