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<li>Mozilla Foundation drops Seamonkey.</li>

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<br><b>Aphrodite</b> (formerly called Opensource User Interface) got its start after <a
href="">Mozilla</a> released the first Modern theme and developers
 submitted their opinions to the different Mozilla newsgroups.
One developer, Jeff Campbell, took the ideas that were being discussed and used them
 as a basis for creating a mockup of what he thought would be a better skin. 
 At that point, Pete Collins took the mockup and built it into a working skin for Mozilla.

<p>After Pete built out the first version of the skin, the Alphanumerica Mozilla development
 team took the opportunity to polish it and add a few new features.  A designer tweaked all
  of the graphics, and Pete added a few things he had learned since he first worked on the 
<p>Rapid changes in the Mozilla APIs in 2001 caused repeated breakages of Aphrodite, leading 
to a slowdown in development. In March of 2002 John Dobbins took over as primary developer 
of Aphrodite. The last release was Aphrodite .05 in November of 2000. This release worked with
 Netscape 6.0 and Mozilla M18. It will not work with newer versions of Mozilla or Netscape.</p>

<p>Aphrodite is now being targeted towards improvements of the Seamonkey UI. This will lead to major changes
 in how Aphrodite is developed. The first stage of this change will be porting Aphrodite's 
 skins to Seamonkey Themes. After the skins are ported to Seamonkey the next step will
 be improvements in the Graphics details. </p>

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