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<!--<p><b>FruityGum Skin</b>-->
<img src="">

<p>The <b>FruityGum Skin</b> was created by Alphanumerica's
<a href="">Mozilla</a> development team to be
submitted back to the open source next-generation Web browser project.  
As the name <B>FruityGum</B> suggests, our team set
out to create an eye-catching design, very bright and funky, something
totally unusual for a browser. The goal was to show off the possibilities
of Mozilla's new customization technology so that other Mozilla developers
could have an example to follow in their own browser designs.</p>

<P>You still might be wondering why we choose bright pink and a bunch of dragons as our design theme.  We wanted to attract
attention and highlight the fun and experimental side of Mozilla.  With this in
mind, we created a design that might not make your surfing experience any more useful,
but it will certainly make it more fun. And while a lot of people have had strong reactions
about this skin, it is nice to see that at least someone
 <a href="">gets it</a>.</p>

<p><B>FruityGum</B> was recently removed from Aphrodite's development builds and won't be in the next release. When installable
skins are implemented <B>FruityGum</B> will be avaible as a seperate download.
See the <a href="screenshots.html">screenshots</a> section for a look at <B>FruityGum</B></p>

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