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    1: <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
    2: <p><b>FAQ</b>
    4: <p><b>Q:</b> Why won't Aphrodite run on M17?
    6: <p><b>A:</b> Aphrodite .04, the last stable release, was targeted to run on M16.  The development version of Aphrodite .05 is being created on M18 nightly builds
    7: and the official release of Aphrodite .05 will come out with the official release of M18.  Neither the stable or development version of Aphrodite works with M17.
    8: To run Aphrodite, you must use either M16 or a nightly build of Mozilla.
   10: <p><hr>
   12: <p><b>Q:</b> Why won't Aphrodite .04 run on the Mac?
   14: <p><b>A:</b> There was a bug with the way M16 handled cross-platform support of menus that was causing Aphrodite's menus to not show up when Aphrodite was run on
   15: the Mac.  This is a known issue and we are trying to resolve it for the Aphrodite .05 release.  To find out more information, read through the Aphrodite mailing
   16: lists and bugzilla.

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