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 <p><b>FAQ</b>  <p><b>FAQ</b>
<p><b>Q:</b> Why won't Aphrodite run on M17?<p><b>Q:</b> When will the next release of Aphrodite be ready?
<p><b>A:</b> Aphrodite .04, currently the last stable release, was targeted to run on M16.  The development version of Aphrodite .05 is being created on M18<p><b>A:</b> When it's ready ;o). Aphrodite 0.6 is targeted for Mozilla 1.0. It won't be released until 
nightly builds and the official release of Aphrodite .05 will come out with the official release of M18.  Neither the stable or development version of AphroditeMozilla 1.0 is ready and all major bugs are resolved.
works with M17. To run Aphrodite, you must use either M16 or a nightly build of Mozilla. 
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<p><b>Q:</b> Why won't Aphrodite .04 run on the Mac?<p><b>Q:</b> Why won't Aphrodite run on the Mac?
<p><b>A:</b> There was a bug with the way M16 handled cross-platform support of menus that was causing Aphrodite's menus to not show up when Aphrodite was run on<p><b>A:</b> The reason it won't work on the mac is because the main menu is in a sub iframe. 
the Mac.  This is a known issue and we are trying to resolve it for the Aphrodite .05 release.  To find out more information, read through the Aphrodite mailingMacs didn't like this. We are planning on switching to Mozilla's skin system in Aphrodite 0.7. 
lists and bugzilla.This should fix the problem.
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